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New Artifacts from the ‘Three Star Mound’ Civilization Discovered Article




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"In a paper published Monday by the Cambridge journal Antiquity, archaeologists revealed that they have unearthed a host of new artifacts in Southwest China.

The discoveries come from the Sanxingdui site, which translates to “Three Star Mound” and was a Bronze Age culture located in western Guanghan County, close to the city of Chengdu. The site has been in a state of constant excavation since 1987 and was first discovered in 1927, when a farmer unearthed a cache of jade relics.

In 1986, researchers found large treasure troves buried in the Three Star Mound site. In recent years, scholars have concluded that these deposits of hundreds of bronze, gold, jade and ivory artifacts represented a ritual sacrifice of valuable objects, a kind of public performance meant to create community bonds. As such, archaeologists have redoubled their efforts in finding the sites where these objects were sacrificed. Their work has resulted in the discovery of six new pits where the Three Star Mound people did away with their treasures."


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