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Shavua/Mazel Tov!


This is the thread to talk about your Shabbos, or just any good news at all.

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As a rabbi in a small town, I understand the Jewish class divide — and how to close it: There is a wide disparity between small-town Jewish life and Jewish life in the big cities in the US.


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your flair here Do you prefer being referred to as "Jew" or "Jewish Person"


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Hasidic pop singer Lipa Schmeltzer reveals he was sexually abused


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In the eyes of young Jews, American Jewry is a 'white and privileged group'


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Favorite Jewish orgs to donate to


Hey guys - I’m finally in a financial position to get serious about giving tzedakah more consistently and in bigger numbers, and I’d like to send a chunk of it to Jewish orgs or orgs serving Jews. Any names you can share that are doing good work in the community that I could target? Ty!

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Thinking of becoming a Baal Teshuva and want to learn in yeshiva for a short while . However, I will be starting law school this fall. Any yeshiva suggestions that have a 3-week program or so?


If it helps I’m a 26 male, have had some basic orthodox education, and I’m a Traditional jew.

Preferably in Jerusalem or somewhere in Israel I’m looking to study in!

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Holocaust Holocaust survivor “Big Sonia,” star of award-winning documentary, closes decades-old tailor shop


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Daf Yomi: Women study Talmud with Ra'anana rabbanit Michelle Farber


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Does anyone have any advise for donning head tefillin with head surgery?


I just had a surgery on the base of the skull, the union with the spinal cord, specifically where the knot would be. Has anyone been in this situation?

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A rare glimpse: Treasures of the Jewish Library in New York


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For those who keep kosher, would you eat at a vegan restaurant that has no kosher certification?


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Noahidism Are Noahides permitted to have their own clergy?


We can look to the Torah and see that Adam, Noah, Melchizedek, etc. all made sacrifices and served clerical duties in the worship of G-d. I understand that Israel is taken to be a nation of priests, and the temple the house of worship to all nations, and that educated Jewish scholars seem to have taken the lead of the Noahide movement, but is it still correct to say that an educated and accepted Noahide could take up a clerical position of his own in his community?

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Is misogony part of our laws?


My husband is taking antibiotics and couldn't make havdallah tonight (we do on wine) and my son wasn't really up to it.

So I said sure, I'll do it.

Husband got mad and got up to do it himself, saying it's better he does it than a woman.

In general, he's a bit misogynistic, and since I don't have many examples of a religious man (got married at 17, and my own dad was abusive), I'm really wondering if this is an individual issue that belongs to my husband, or this is a religious issue?

Are the laws forbidding women to do certain things, such as havdallah, are really that rigid?

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data What being Jewish means to Western European Jews (2019 survey)

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What am I supposed to do with this supposed Christian Tallit?


My friends accidentally got me this, but I’m like 90% sure it’s a messianic Christian Tallit, not sure what to do with it?

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What’s the Jewish community in Los Angeles like?


So I’m considering a college in Los Angeles and I’m writing to this sub because it’s one of the biggest communities in the U.S. so surely someone here must be able to give some feedback; I’m scoping out the community to know what I’m getting into before I commit to potentially going to university in LA. I have family in LA and I know a lot about LA itself, but not its Jewish community- I’m also primarily asking about the Orthodox community.

  • How right wing is it (religiously and politically)?
  • How does the community view women’s learning?
  • Is the population growing or declining? Are there a lot of young adults?
  • I’ve been told a large subsection of the community is Persian, is there good kosher Persian food? Sorry it’s just that I’ve always wanted to try Persian food lol.
  • Is it more Yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, etc. or does it depend on the part of the city?
  • anything else someone considering moving to Los Angeles and engaging with the local Jewish community should know

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Am I some kind of Orthodox?


May be a stupid question, but this has come up recently as people have assumed that I belong to the orthodox Shul in my area. I attend a progressive independent Shul but I present much more religiously than most of my peers. I wear a yarmulke and Tzitzit, do not shave my face or cut my payot below the required length, keep kosher and observe Shabbat, and I pray daily but without wrapping teffilin. Knowing the full extent of the mitzvot, I consider myself to be far from frum, but what would you say? Thanks!

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Halacha How do you dry your hair on Shabbat?


Scenario: you have long hair. Shabbat is your mikvah night. It’s horribly cold out. How do you dry your hair when wringing out water on Shabbat is assur?

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Art/Media Can anyone tell me the name of the song from 1:40 onwards? Or translate some words for me so I can Google it and find out? 😅


https://youtu.be/1TbFNOO5Pa8 YT video of Purim celebrations, looking to find the name of the song played in the background at 1:40 😃

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Just lost a ring in Venice Ghetto


Long story short, I just went to Venice to trace the roots of my family that got "lost" during the war. While there I lost my grandfather ring in a channel. I'm not upset, I feel like it was ment to happen. Stopped for a short prayer to all those that had to suffer like my family and went on with my day. I don't know how to feel about this, it felt like I was offering something for those that didn't make it and I actually feel "free". I don't even know why I'm making this one but had to get it off my chest.

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Nonsense Lidl cultural appropriation!

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Únase a Tenak Talk en YT para la edición en español del podcast "Let's Get Biblical"


Si algún hablante de español está interesado, hay un canal de YT llamado Tenak Talk que tiene cápsulas semanales. Es una comunidad de noahides y judíos que se reúnen para aprender sobre Tanaj/Torá de muchas maneras.

Hay una nueva transmisión en español del podcast "Pongámonos bíblicos". Se estrena esta noche. Chan se llama Tenak TalkTonight's titulado "¿Una Idea Original del Cristianismo o Una Mala Interpretación de la Biblia Hebrea? 1602"

Aprenda más sobre Tanaj/Torá. Y, por supuesto, si tienes judíos ancestros o no, todos son bienvenidos. Este grupo acepta Noahides, judíos y conversos recientes, por supuesto. Y los rabinos siempre están emocionados de encuentre Crypto/Conversos y tráigalos de vuelta al redil.

PS - Lo siento si el español es incorrecto tuve que usar un traductor. Jajaja. ¡Obviamente no soy el presentador del programa!

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A thought inspired by Sunday’s Daf (page) in the Talmud, Gittin 12


Why do we give?


This post presents a philosophical idea inspired by the text of today’s Daf. The Daf is one page in the Talmud that tens of thousands of people study each day. I explain the connection to the text in a comment below. My purpose is to show that there are underlying philosophical assumptions in the Talmud that can have great significance for anybody today trying to understand our complex reality.

Our concern for others can take two different directions. One is our willingness to help our close family, and to a lesser degree, those who are further removed from us, including those who look like us, think like us, or belong to the same culture or nation. The other is our desire to donate our resources, time, or energy to humanity as a whole, all of life, or the planet.

Evolutionary psychology has no difficulty explaining why we would want to help those who share the same hereditary chemistry as us. As J.B.S Haldane reportedly said, "I would lay down my life for two brothers or eight cousins." This means that we are programmed by evolution to further the interests of our common heritage. If two brothers or eight cousins survive instead of us, they will do a better job of propagating that chemical heritage. However, explaining why we should have a similar instinct to help a human being whose heritage is vastly different, or even fighting to protect animals from extinction is more difficult to explain in these terms.

Developmental psychology could explain our family affections just as well in terms of the dynamics of our family as a result of the way our brains first learned what they are supposed to do. Perhaps both of these fields can be broadly understood in terms of how multi-agent systems develop and evolve.

Why we should care about those who are somewhat more distant could also be explained in terms of a natural broadening of the instincts developed for close relatives. After all, emotions and instincts are not precise tools.

The development of a shared culture, which shapes so much of the human mind, along with the idea that cultural cohesion is necessary for ethnic survival, provides yet another explanation for why each of us might be biased in favor of our nation.

However, all of these theoretical frameworks fare much less well in explaining the other kind of human giving: caring about everybody and everything. How can we explain why that is such a powerful motivator for some people?

One possible explanation for global caring is simply an extension of the instinct to care for those who are close. If instincts can generalize and become abstract, the love for our family will naturally extend to the love for all.

A second explanation is that the source of this caring is rational. Although it can manifest in some as very strong emotions, it is possible that rational training can promote irrational and emotional development within the brain.

A third, and highly speculative, explanation is that there is a spiritual dimension to our brain that cannot be easily explained within the theoretical frameworks developed to date, whether evolutionary or societal.

There is little reason to deny that many people are powerfully motivated by deep spiritual moments that often involve a profound feeling of the unity of all things. One documented example is that of astronauts overcome by the experience of seeing the Earth from space. Since we know that we are not always aware of some of our brain’s activity, it seems reasonable to suggest that even people who report no spiritual dimension to their own life may be motivated by such neural activity in their behavior and instincts.

We cannot explain everything that goes on in our minds and bodies, but we do seem to get quite worked up on the issues of giving and to whom.

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Nonsense Is there a study guide/outline or something of the like for studying the Torah/Talmud? I feel very lost.


25 years old, converted at 18, have a semi-shallow understanding of Judaism and wanting to take it more seriously.

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Halacha Can a Positive Commandment Override a Negative One?