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Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!


Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge.

Need help against a certain champion? Unsure how and where to ward? Looking to improve your csing? This is the place to ask. This weekly thread is a place for new players to ask questions and get help/advice from more experienced players. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them!

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r/leagueoflegends 3h ago

Isn't it a bit strange that Riot is successfully managing League of Legends as an ever-changing game which constantly innovates and tries new things, but at the same time Riot's esports department has barely made any major changes to the LoL esport circuit in almost a decade?


A very strange inconsistency between Riot's departments imo.

Riot has always struck me as a company that wants to innovate and try new things. Sometimes maybe even too eager to innovate. Of course this has meant that League has been kept new and fresh over the years, there was always new stuff to test.

This has allowed Riot to get a sense of what works and what doesn't - Chemtech Drake for example.

All in all, Riot as a developer is not afraid of change for the sake of change.

But what about for Riot as an esport organiser?

In 2013 we got the LCS circuit with a spring and summer season. It's now 2022 and that did not change almost at all. We still have the same Spring and Summer split system. We had a very short time where it wasn't BO1 but we've been back to that for many, many years now.

Playoffs changed a little with Double Elimination being added to some regions.

Worlds Format has not changed at all since 2014 despite massive feedback from both community and casters, pro players, etc.

MSI was added (well All-Stars first in 2014) but MSI has also basically not changed outside when it had to because some regions couldn't participate.

All in all, it's very samey. Not much changed considering it's been 10 fucking years.

TLDR: Riot as a game developer is very dynamic, but Riot as an esports organiser is incredibly static.

How can we ever improve League as an esport if we are so afraid of trying new things? The only way you learn is by taking risks and then assess if changes were good or bad.

r/leagueoflegends 14h ago Helpful Wholesome Silver

Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Counter Logic Gaming 1-0 FlyQuest

CLG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit
FLY | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit


Winner: Counter Logic Gaming in 51m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG lee sin jax yuumi ahri nautilus 92.8k 21 11 H1 HT4 O6 B7 O8 B11 O12
FLY kalista yone draven miss fortune lucian 88.0k 22 7 M2 H3 O5 B9 O10
CLG 21-23-47 vs 22-21-55 FLY
Dhokla gwen 2 3-5-6 TOP 1-4-8 2 fiora Philip
Contractz poppy 1 1-5-9 JNG 2-4-13 1 trundle Josedeodo
Palafox azir 2 7-6-9 MID 12-3-9 3 zoe toucouille
Luger twitch 3 8-4-7 BOT 6-3-11 1 sivir Johnsun
Poome lulu 3 2-3-16 SUP 1-7-14 4 leona aphromoo

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Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Team Liquid 1-0 Evil Geniuses

TL | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit
EG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

MATCH 1: TL vs. EG

Winner: Team Liquid in 24m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TL yuumi lee sin leblanc ezreal zeri 52.7k 20 9 H1 O2 H3 M4 B5
EG kalista poppy olaf gragas tahmkench 37.4k 6 0 None
TL 20-6-46 vs 6-20-11 EG
Bwipo sett 3 6-2-10 TOP 1-7-2 1 gwen Impact
Santorin trundle 2 7-1-11 JNG 1-5-3 1 wukong Inspired
Bjergsen azir 1 5-1-4 MID 3-5-0 2 sylas jojopyun
Hans sama sivir 2 2-1-8 BOT 1-2-2 4 xayah Danny
CoreJJ leona 3 0-1-13 SUP 0-1-4 3 rakan Vulcan

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TSM vs. Dignitas / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

TSM 1-0 Dignitas

TSM | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit
DIG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit


Winner: TSM in 31m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TSM kalista lucian yuumi lissandra leblanc 60.5k 16 10 H1 H3 C4 B5 O6
DIG taliyah poppy azir xin zhao gwen 48.2k 4 1 M2
TSM 16-4-46 vs 4-16-10 DIG
Solo ornn 3 1-0-8 TOP 1-5-0 4 sejuani Hoon
Spica wukong 3 6-3-7 JNG 0-4-4 1 viego eXyu
Maple ahri 1 4-0-9 MID 1-3-0 3 sylas Blue
Instinct lucian 2 5-0-10 BOT 2-1-2 2 zeri Spawn
Chime yuumi 2 0-1-12 SUP 0-3-4 1 lulu Biofrost

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r/leagueoflegends 13h ago

Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Cloud9 0-1 100 Thieves

C9 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit
100 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit

MATCH 1: C9 vs. 100

Winner: 100 Thieves in 38m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 poppy azir lucian taliyah leblanc 66.8k 8 5 H1 H3 M4 B5
100 olaf kalista orianna fiora lissandra 73.4k 23 8 HT2 C6 C7 B8
C9 8-23-25 vs 23-8-60 100
Fudge gnar 3 4-5-3 TOP 2-3-8 4 gwen Ssumday
Blaber wukong 1 0-5-5 JNG 3-3-11 1 trundle Closer
Jensen sylas 3 1-4-5 MID 6-1-13 3 ahri Abbedagge
Berserker nilah 2 3-5-4 BOT 12-0-8 2 sivir FBI
Zven sona 2 0-4-8 SUP 0-1-20 1 yuumi huhi

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r/leagueoflegends 1d ago Silver Wholesome Helpful

Minion Dematerializer is an inhumane weapon of genocide and should be promptly removed from the game


Imagine being a minion - small, naive, optimistic, and yellow skinned. You’ve been accepted into an rotc program and have a nice scholarship for minion military university. You’re trained by Gru himself so you’re confident in your abilities. Surely, the 24 attack damage you’ve spent years and years grinding for will turn you into a war hero.

Finally one day you’re deployed onto the battlefield. You’re part of the middle platoon, in the 3rd wave. It’s time. Walking with your brethren in kindergarten single file line, you feel grateful to be able to fight alongside the brilliant champions: for example the ionian ninja Akali, dressed up as a 2D anime school girl, donning a miniskirt and thigh highs into the battlefield.

You meet the enemies in lane and you start making work of them with your rapid fire 0.66 attack speed. It’s going well until this “Now You Can See Me”, Gambit lookin ass dude casts some kind of spell and then to your left your comrade has these 3 orbs that circle around him. The orbit gets smaller and smaller until poof, your comrade disintegrates and is blinked from existence. Not only that but it makes the enemy permanently deal more damage to you and your comrades for the rest of the game. It is only a matter of time before it’s your turn…

Minion Dematerializer is a weapon designed specifically to execute minions. It is a weapon of inhumane slaughter. There is no yuumi dematerializer, no gromp dematerializer, no baron dematerializer, etc etc. This is pure discrimination towards minions. Either make genocidal weapons for all the species or make none at all. Equality in genocide on the rift for all. Thank you.

r/leagueoflegends 12h ago

Immortals vs. Golden Guardians / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Immortals 1-0 Golden Guardians

IMT | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
GG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit


Winner: Immortals in 32m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
IMT sejuani pantheon seraphine nilah yuumi 62.6k 11 11 H1 H3 C4 HT5 B6 HT7
GG taliyah kalista poppy draven noban 52.9k 5 2 O2
IMT 11-5-25 vs 5-11-11 GG
Revenge graves 2 1-2-5 TOP 1-2-2 1 fiora Licorice
Kenvi wukong 2 1-0-6 JNG 0-3-4 2 trundle River
PowerOfEvil azir 1 5-1-3 MID 0-2-2 1 sylas LIDER
Lost aphelios 3 4-1-2 BOT 3-2-0 3 lucian Stixxay
IgNar lulu 3 0-1-9 SUP 1-2-3 4 nami Prismal

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r/leagueoflegends 23h ago

If Riot cannot control Zeri somehow she needs to be removed from Professional play, especially LCK is a joke atm


Like it’s comical how win condition champ she is atm… if this keeps up we’re gonna have a clownfest playoffs

r/leagueoflegends 20h ago Helpful

Faking a rift herald start to save private Teemo

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r/leagueoflegends 3h ago

Should the LEC playoff system for worlds qualification be changed?


Currently you just have to be 1st in bo1 setting to guarantee a place at worlds.

Even if the 1st place team goes 0-3 twice in playoffs they still go to play-in at worlds.

Do we value regular season that much, when everyone knows how different bo1 and bo5 is and even the players have said it too.

Personally i don't like this system, but i would like to hear out your opinions on the matter.

Don't even want to remind people of the last time we send 4 teams to worlds, also last time we didn't have 2 teams in play-in.

EDIT: Forgot that you don't even need to finish first to have the 1st seed at this point it is either Rogue or G2 who finish higher at the end...

r/leagueoflegends 21h ago Helpful

Imagine J4 gets a lore and gameplay update where he transitions from "Exemplar of Demacia" to "King of Demacia"


J3 the king died in the Sylas comic and J4 was traumatized by the experience and made it his sole purpose to hunt down Sylas and the mages, reversing the edict his father did to tolerate the mages.

now give that man his late father's golden mantle to solidify his new position within Demacia


give him news quotes where he expresses his hate and disdain for the mages, noxus and xin zhao for not being there for his father and his new accession to the throne. He def could use so much more quotes

for the gameplay update, I think entire community have always asked for some adjustments in the W, increase its CD but have it gain more utility or benefit his allies [minor speed boost towards Jarvan] or one of the many adjustments proposed for his W across the many years of J4's existence

or knowing how Riot operates, just make a legendary lore skin King Jarvan IV, it would probably smash.

r/leagueoflegends 9h ago

Something needs to be done about clash


It's really annoying where in clash if you lose the first game, the rest of the bracket tends to just be everyone ffing and leaving the tournament. I understand why they do it though, the rewards are just not good unless you win the first game at least. It makes me not want to play clash when you just get stomped in one game and then everyone else leaves the bracket so you don't get to play any more matches.

r/leagueoflegends 15h ago Platinum Silver

This truly can't be the new player experience?


We just installed the game with my friend, both of us are brand new players, we have played 5 matches so far and honestly there wasn't a single fun match that made us continue playing. And in fact it totally killed our mood.

First game 4 minutes later someone left, by 12 minutes someone had 20 kills on enemy team already. Absolute stomp, we can't even leave base.

Second game we get troll Teemo that kept following us, didn't attack didn't do anything just followed wherever we go. Also someone left, another absolute stomp.

Third game, literally same thing, and same guy playing Yi and doing the same thing.

Fourth game someone leaves again couple minutes later on our team as well another absolute stomp.

Fifth game, someone is straight up afk talking about some weird 9/11 thing and linking discord invite, going some random place and dying on purpose. So basically another 4v5 game.

All of these games ended up with a score like 5-25 3-34 or something along those lanes, absolute stomp and a terrible experience.

So in less than 2 hours or so we had 5 terrible games as our first ever 5 games. How is this in any way or form accepted? This has to be straight up the worst experience I've had in any online game.

We were just a punching bag, always 1 man behind, being flamed like it's our fault that someone left or someone is intentionally and obviously griefing. This has to be a 1 in a million fluke, this literally can not be the new player experience. It just straight up is awful.

Edit: To the people that's saying this is a bait or a lie, the answer is simply no. I'm new to LoL, I'm not new to games or even mobas. I don't understand why you interpret "new player experience" as absolute dumbo that's never touched a keyboard and never seen anyone play games before. I started playing Mobas with WC3 DotA in high school years ago...

And to the people saying this is a skill issue and that I should play against bots. I'm not sure what kind of mental gymnastics you're doing to avoid the problem that I already described in detail, but no, that's not my problem with the game. I never went to into those games with the intention of winning against experienced players. And I also do not care about the fact that we lost 5 games in a row, that's quite far away from my point, we could lose 10 games in a row and I still wouldn't care, my problem is the fashion that we lost. Always one man behind with trolls and bots, we didn't even get a proper chance to even attempt winning, that's my problem. I literally do not know how to make this any more clear that it already is. So in future just gonna avoid similar comments.

And finally no, I didn't buy an account or whatever. I created it yesterday and it was brand new account on EUW(going by DotA, I assumed this would be the best realm on EU).

r/leagueoflegends 45m ago

ThunderTalk Gaming vs. Royal Never Give Up / LPL 2022 Summer - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

ThunderTalk Gaming 0-2 Royal Never Give Up

TT | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia
RNG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 29m | MVP: Wei (7)
Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TT wukong zeri gwen jax fiora 47.6k 7 2 I3
RNG kalista azir sylas kaisa aphelios 60.2k 18 9 C1 H2 H4 O5 B6 O7 B8
TT 7-18-12 vs 18-7-50 RNG
HOYA gnar 3 1-2-0 TOP 3-0-11 4 gangplank Breathe
Beichuan poppy 1 1-4-2 JNG 2-1-11 2 trundle Wei
ucal ahri 2 2-2-3 MID 8-3-6 1 taliyah Xiaohu
Kepler twitch 3 3-4-2 BOT 4-2-10 1 sivir GALA
yaoyao alistar 2 0-6-5 SUP 1-1-12 3 braum Ming / Bunny


Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 32m | MVP: Xiaohu (10)
Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
RNG kalista azir sylas kennen tahmkench 62.7k 19 11 H1 C2 I4 B5 O6 B7
TT zeri sivir wukong gwen fiora 52.9k 15 2 H3 O8
RNG 19-15-38 vs 15-19-39 TT
Breathe gnar 3 4-3-4 TOP 3-2-4 4 sejuani HOYA
Wei trundle 2 2-3-9 JNG 2-4-12 1 poppy Beichuan
Xiaohu taliyah 1 4-2-8 MID 4-7-4 1 ahri ucal
GALA aphelios 2 9-1-6 BOT 6-4-6 2 jinx Kepler
Ming nautilus 3 0-6-11 SUP 0-2-13 3 braum yaoyao

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r/leagueoflegends 13h ago

Why is Vi being picked in pro play now?


I just want to know. She just randomly exploded in popularity and I hope it isn't because of point and click R

r/leagueoflegends 1h ago Wholesome

I built several Arcane places in The Sims 4


r/leagueoflegends 19h ago

A handful of T1 fans send another truck to LoL Park ahead of the team's match against Nongshim RedForce

Thumbnail invenglobal.com

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You should let your teammates die


ingame when you’re going for a last resort back door as your team desperately tries to hold the enemy back from either destroying your team’s nexus or simply stopping any recalls to ruin your chances of winning. What’s important here is that if you’re in a situation where you can potentially end the game all on your own, you shouldn’t hesitate and commit some stupid TP back in order to save your team from dying. Their deaths come with the W, stick to the deep splitpush or back door if you’re capable to do so, it might just be the only way to win at all sometimes. It’s saved me from a lot of matches where I never could’ve imagined it would.

r/leagueoflegends 2h ago

LPL Top 5 Plays | TES Jackeylove Worth the wait

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r/leagueoflegends 1h ago

So how many issues the LoL client currently has?


TfT XP/pass progress on my PC or Phone. Actually the window sometimes just blacks out.
Quest log sometimes break - sometimes visible. - But on Phone (TfT) its broken and shows nothing).

Star Guardian event: I stopped advancing in the event quests. There is literally no progress upgrade with 0 of the available champions there in "another sky".

Daily win reward and level up chest are in a "delay". I read some twitter about rewards will come but the system cannot deal with so many rewards handed out so there is a queue https://twitter.com/RiotMikouz/status/1554949221991690240.


This twitter tells about there are so many rewards handed out the client can't take it but it feels wrong.

We never had such an issue before and in comparison SG event feels pretty awful reward wise so it's a mystery why it break the client.

Other client releated issues:
I could not lock in any champion for 2 games on ranked mode.

There was 1 time where I was unable to select Viktor (button did not worked) but when I selected Yone it worked. This was really strange issue I have never seen before.

I read in warning (!) that some skin's wasn't appearing in the collection - but so far I haven't met that issue tho earlier this season the client told me I cannot pick Ekko because I lacked the classic skin but it allowed me to pick true damage....

Edit: While not a client i just read about Qiyana first strike bug which they tried to fix but it ended up increasing the damage done. The combo deal 2x damage before 12.14 but the applied fix made it deal 3x damage -> which explains why they hard nerfing Qiyana next patch. They could not fix the bug….

r/leagueoflegends 1d ago

LDL Matchfixing Punishment Notice: 2 teams are disqualified from LDL, 28 players and staff are banned


· 2 LDL teams are being disqualified from playing in LDL

· 28 players/staff got different levels of suspension (from 18 months to perma-ban)

Original post and list here: https://weibo.com/7542610877/LFUlRCjj1

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Nongshim RedForce vs. T1 / LCK 2022 Summer - Week 8 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Nongshim RedForce 1-2 T1

NS | Leaguepedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
T1 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

MATCH 1: NS vs. T1

Winner: T1 in 29m | POG: Faker (500)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
NS draven kalista lee sin tahmkench sylas 46.6k 9 1 H1
T1 taliyah yuumi poppy gwen akali 58.7k 16 10 C2 H3 I4 B5 HT6 HT7
NS 9-16-23 vs 16-9-38 T1
Canna gnar 3 4-4-2 TOP 1-2-5 4 camille Zeus
Dread wukong 1 5-3-3 JNG 3-1-9 2 vi Oner
Bdd seraphine 3 0-2-6 MID 5-1-7 1 azir Faker
Ghost aphelios 2 0-4-6 BOT 7-3-5 1 sivir Gumayusi
SnowFlower alistar 2 0-3-6 SUP 0-2-12 3 rakan Keria

MATCH 2: NS vs. T1

Winner: Nongshim RedForce in 34m | POG: Bdd (400)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
NS draven kalista wukong lulu rakan 67.1k 21 11 HT1 O3 M6 B7 M8 B9
T1 taliyah poppy yuumi gnar leona 56.0k 2 4 H2 H4 M5
NS 21-2-44 vs 2-21-2 T1
Canna ornn 3 3-0-8 TOP 1-6-1 3 renekton Zeus
Dread vi 2 5-1-10 JNG 1-3-0 2 lee sin Oner
Bdd sylas 2 10-0-6 MID 0-5-1 1 azir Faker
Ghost sivir 1 2-1-8 BOT 0-3-0 1 zeri Gumayusi
SnowFlower renata glasc 3 1-0-12 SUP 0-4-0 4 zilean Keria

MATCH 3: T1 vs. NS

Winner: T1 in 34m | POG: Faker (600)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
T1 poppy taliyah sylas gwen blitzcrank 67.4k 20 9 M1 H2 C5 C7 C8 B9
NS wukong zeri sivir trundle nocturne 60.0k 15 3 HT3 H4 B6
T1 20-15-56 vs 15-20-30 NS
Zeus zac 3 2-5-10 TOP 1-3-4 3 ornn Canna
Oner viego 3 9-3-6 JNG 0-3-11 1 vi Dread
Faker azir 1 3-2-15 MID 4-8-2 2 ahri Bdd
Gumayusi draven 2 6-2-9 BOT 8-3-2 1 kalista Ghost
Keria renata glasc 2 0-3-16 SUP 2-3-11 4 ashe SnowFlower

Patch 12.13

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r/leagueoflegends 3h ago

Garen Penta, down in Silver

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r/leagueoflegends 15h ago

T1 Zeus on Zac and Renekton top in the current meta "Renekton is a very versatile pick; he can itemize as a bruiser, tanker, or damage-oriented champion. He's a jack-of-all-trades." Discusses whether he'll ever play Garen at the LCK

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r/leagueoflegends 19h ago

World Championship elimination update: 8/1-8/7


Hello again! Last week we were down to 97/117 teams left in worlds contention. How many are we at now? Good question!

  • Multi bid regions: In China we lost an additional three teams in Rare Atom, Ultra Prime, and LGD. Korea waved goodbye to NS Redforce. While the Kwangdong Freecs are eliminated from playoffs they are not out of the gauntlet yet so they are still in worlds contention. EU, VN, and NA saw and will see no new teams eliminated this week. Finally in PCS, Dewish Team got booted from playoffs.

  • Single bid regions: In OCE, we eliminated Mammoth and Peace. Brazil still has games to play today but Liberty is eliminated based on tiebreakers already. In Japan V3 won a battle but lost the war and are out of worlds. In LLA, All Knights had a bit of a miracle run paired with a collapse from XTEN but it was all for naught as they have been eliminated from playoffs. Finally, AURORA has been eliminated in Turkey.

That brings our total down to 86/117. Or to put it another way, 86 teams are competing for 24 spots.

Looking at the week to come, who can be eliminated? Good question!

  • Multi bid regions: In china, 7 teams (AL, OMG, BBG, IG, TT, LNG, FPX) are competing for 4 final playoff spots. In NA there are 5 (Flyquest, Golden Guardians, TSM, Dignitas, Immortals) fighting for 3 spots. In EU, everyone except BDS (out) and Mad Lions (in) are competing for 5 spots in playoffs. In Korea, the last week will only be for positioning, as playoffs are locked. In PCS 2 of 6 teams will be knocked out (CBTC, J Team, Frank Esports, Meta Falcon Team, Beyond Gaming, and Impunity). In Vietnam the bottom two teams (Genius Esports, AS Esports) stand a decent chance of being knocked out.

  • Single bid regions: In OCE, much like korea, the final week is just for positioning as playoffs are locked. In LJL, it is likely to go down to the last game to determine playoffs as the bottom 3 are tightly bunched. In Brazil, playoffs begin next week and we'll see one of the two teams in the lower bracket knocked out. In LLA, Infinity or AZE will see their season end. Finally, in Turkey, the last playoff spots will be determined.

Have any questions, comments, concerns, emotional outbursts, or teams that I missed? Let me know in a comment! Have a great one and stay safe on the rift gamers.

Edit: I changed the post to reflect AURORA going out in the last elimination of the week as well as changing the list of 7 Chinese teams where I had accidentally listed OMG twice but not listed ThunderTalk.