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Official Discussion Official Discussion Megathread (Elvis / The Black Phone / Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe)


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News ‘The Day I Met Spider-Man’: First Movie Made in Ukraine Since War

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News ‘Madame Web’: Emma Roberts Joins Sony Marvel Pic

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Recommendation Ridley Scott’s Legend is one of the most gorgeous movies I have ever seen


The 80s were loaded with fantasy movies. Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, Willow, The NeverEnding Story, etc. A lot of them have grown acclaim and cult followings, however, the one that struck me the most visually was 1985's Legend.

One thing I've noticed about Ridley Scott movies after watching a huge chunk of his filmography is that even when the script is poor, the movie will still look amazing. Not even with the special effects either but with atmosphere and production design. I'll always cite his 2006 romantic comedy A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard as an example. There's a scene where the two leads go out for a date and I just remember being in awe how amazing the atmosphere and set design in that scene was.

But back to Legend. I'm not going to act like Legend has the most engaging story out there or the most interesting characters but just look at this movie. The sets, the makeup, the costume design, etc. It's a top notch. Speaking of makeup, huge shout out to the makeup and prosthetics for the Meg Mucklebones character. While I'm not on the "CGI sucks" bandwagon, movies like this make me wish for a return to these effects.

Finally, we have Tim Curry as Satan (he's referred to as Darkness in the movie) who steals every scene he's in. While the two leads (Tom Cruise and Mia Sara) could be played by any actor, I find it hard to see anyone but Tim Curry playing this role.

What do you think of Legend?

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Discussion (The Ghost and the Darkness) In addition to having one of the best titles, this movie is downright terrifying.


The Ghost and the Darkness is great. I hadn't watched this movie going on 20 years and was not disappointed with a re-watch

Val Kilmer, Micheal Douglas and John Kani are fantastic and the movie does a good job of building up the dread of the night as the camp is stalked by the two lions. Add to that that this is based on true events and it is scary. The Tvsavo lions killed dozens of people and the film does a great job of showing how scary that would be in real life.

The film is well shot, using blood sparingly to really shock the viewer. The hunting scenes are great to adding to the cat and mouse feel to the movie.

The movie feels like two groups of hunters, the lions and the humans trying to outsmart each other to save themselves . Very well done.

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Article Clea DuVall and Melanie Lynskey on "But I'm a Cheerleader 's" 'Positive Impact on LGBTQ Audiences

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News Jason Schwartzman Joins ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ as Lucretius Flickerman

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News Ian McKellen, Gemma Arterton, Mark Strong, Lesley Manville, Ben Barnes & More To Star In Period Thriller ‘The Critic’

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News Scoot McNairy Joins Amy Adams in ‘Nightbitch’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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News 40 years of First Blood: Celebrities travelling to rural B.C. town to celebrate Rambo film

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News Dave Franco, Katy O’Brian, Ed Harris And Jena Malone Join Kristen Stewart In ‘Loves Lie Bleeding’ For A24

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News ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office

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Discussion "Relaxed summer vibe" kind of movies?


Okay, "summer vibe" might be too general, or even misleading, of a term for what I'm trying to convey. Same, in fact, goes for "relaxed".

What I'm talking about is; I'm looking for movies that have a vibe similar to that of Luca (2021) and Rio (2011).

Do you guys know any more examples of movies that have that, or at least similar, kind of feel to it? It doesn't necessarily have to be animated (I wouldn't mind, though); I just want to find more of that... how do I put it... relaxed, but cool summer breeze... if you get what I'm saying. (I do hope that expression was accurate.)

Do you have any examples?

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Article Fire Island: a truth universally acknowledged

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News David Mamet To Direct ‘2 Days/1963’ Drama On Sam Giancana’s Role In JFK Assassination, From Script By Mobster’s Grandnephew Nicholas Celozzi

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News Russell Crowe to Star in Supernatural Thriller ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’

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Article Baz Luhrmann on ‘Elvis’, His 4-Hour Cut, and If Fans Will Ever See It

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Poster Official Poster for ‘BEAST’

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Article Alice Eve, Shelley Hennig & Antonio Banderas To Star In Jon Keeyes’ Thriller ‘The Last Girl’ For Yale Entertainment

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Recommendation Name an obscure film your really enjoyed.


What is an obscure film that no one else you know has seen, but you really enjoyed?

For me it is Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx. It came out in 1970, set in Ireland Gene Wilder plays a guy who shovels manure for a living and loves his job, with Margot Kidder as the love interest. Wilder just played the loveable oddball so well, really enjoyed the film but I've never met anyone who has seen it, and it only has 667 ratings on imdb.

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Discussion Why wasn't Colour out of Space (2019) shot in B&W?


I've been thinking about this since the film first came out. The colour in question is supposed to be a colour that's inconceivable by man yet when you watch the film it's.... Purple?

If the entire film was shot in B&W, it would add so much more mystery to the film as not even the audience would know what this colour looks like; leaving it all up to imagination. But of course, it's impossible to imagine a colour you've never seen.

I really think they missed an amazing opportunity with this one.

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Trailer NOPE - Official Alternate Trailer - July 22

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Article Is the Box Office Finally Back to Normal?

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Discussion who are your favourite directors and why?


Hi everyone, I was wondering if you guys might tell me your favourite directors and why you like them. My three favourite directors are:

Quentin Tarantino. I love his ability to write dialogue in movies and you may have seen me raving about him on this sub recently. Inglorious Bastards is my favourite Tarantino movie.

Guillermo del Toro. There is no director out there that can compete visually with GDT. His movies are always beautiful and usually pretty eerie too. Pans Labyrinth is my favourite del Toro

James Gunn. Maybe the most controversial here but no one can deny his talent. Any movie would be safe in his hands and he finds ways of adding dark humour that works instead of just edgy crap. My favourite Gunn movie is Guardians of the Galaxy V1 but Slither is a close second.

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Recommendation The Dark and the Wicked (2020) is the scariest movie I've watched in a while


I remember the trailers looking promising a while back but finally got around to watching it.

I think the simplistic set up of the story and its characters help make the scares and atmosphere stand out.

I'm a big horror movie fan, but I haven't felt the dread seep under my skin like this film in some time. I would definitely recommend it.

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Discussion Audio Commentaries in the Era of Streaming


Hey lovely people.

My shower thought for today - have we seen the end of audio commentaries?

As someone who has (for example) seen LotR MANY times with the audio commentary tracks running, I’m saddened to think that audio commentaries and lengthy making of features are a thing of the past, thanks to streaming.

Even if I bother to pick up my favourite releases on blu ray, fewer and fewer have significant special features these days.

So the solution? Would it be so difficult for a streaming service to add an audio option - just as they offer other languages - for a commentary? Force Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds to talk over their film as part of their contract. Or perhaps adding extra episodes at the end of series/movies that are the special features (like Ozark and Schitt’s Creek).

For me, this would be a deal maker, in keeping me as a customer, and would love to see it as the norm.

Who agrees? Am I blind to a service out there that offers something like the aforementioned?