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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Rickshmitt Jan 14 '22

Wow lifelong banishment from the drug consortium. Suprised its not just a couple months slap on the wrist like all these others sentences being handed down on pillows and apologies


u/InflamedLiver Jan 14 '22

that smarmy little worm is just going to burrow himself into another industry and do the same thing. He's shown zero remorse so I'm pretty sure he's just a greedy sociopath


u/DragonTHC Jan 14 '22

Smarmy pharma bro has crypto bro written all over his smarmy face.


u/Rickshmitt Jan 14 '22

Should we make a smarmy coin with his face and force him to buy into it then dump it?


u/Team_bhip Jan 14 '22

Call it shkroin


u/nau5 Jan 14 '22

I mean he is a little worm but he was in an industry rife with little worms.

Glad our justice system can pat itself on the back though while people die not being able to afford insulin


u/Rickshmitt Jan 14 '22

Yes and yes. He will never care, these white collar sentences dont hurt enough to not do the crime. CRIME ALMOST ALWAYS PAYS for these people. Not normies like us.


u/penster1 Jan 14 '22

Pretty sure? You mean certain?!


u/Now__Hiring Jan 14 '22

I'm sure he'll find an audience full of QAnoners, /r/wallstreetbets members, and various other smoothbrains to scam. In fact I'm sure he'll be part of Trump's next campaign.


u/Phrozenpu Jan 15 '22

I think you might be missing it...he is just a one flea on the back of the dog. I really think he was trying to show you what Big Pharma was already doing but went about it trying to make a name for himself at the same time.