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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Griffisbored Jan 14 '22

While he did do many unscrupulous things, punishing him is the equivalent of cheering about putting a local drug dealer in prison while ignoring and refusing to prosecute the massive cartels.

He was the head of a small start-up that employed a strategy that is used by almost all the largest multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies in the world. What he did effected a really small group of people (and he actually offered case by case discounts to those whose insurance wouldn't cover it) compared to the companies manufacturing products like insulin who have millions of patients.

He was made an example of because he was a small time player who didn't have the lobbying and financial power to control the system like the big pharma companies who are the biggest criminals. He did bad things but calling this a win only distracts from the real problem.


u/GoneFishing4Chicks Jan 14 '22

Reminder that iran contra means reagan was a cartel boss


u/Kraz_I Jan 14 '22

No, he was never punished for price gouging. He was originally jailed for securities fraud for running a Ponzi scheme in a different company, and he’s being fined and sanctioned now for trying to illegally conduct business from prison with a contraband phone.


u/4606120 Jan 15 '22

He's forking over the ill gotten price gouging gains right now


u/philovax Jan 15 '22

Yeah but he definately helped put eyes on the Opioid supply and a few other things. Progress is slow but I agree, drop in a bucket. But just like the ice bucket challenge, hopefully awareness will help us fix, it will also make it so more people understand what we mean when we say

Lets do Insulin Next!


u/Blitqz21l Jan 15 '22

In essence, he's the whistleblower. And if not mistaken he's not even involved in pharmaceuticals in a business sense anymore. So....scapegoat until they start going after bigger fish


u/4606120 Jan 15 '22

Refusal? You know El Chapo and Noriega are in prison and Escobar was pumped full of lead, right? Lose the whataboutism, we'll deal with crooks as we catch them.

BTW, arguing that one's own punishment is too severe because there are bigger offenders out there is a classic sign of an habitual offender.


u/Griffisbored Jan 15 '22

That wasn’t whataboutism. It’s called an analogy. It’s hypothetical you dunce. When did I ever say his punishment was to severe?


u/4606120 Jan 15 '22

It was purposefully inferred. And analogy doesn't exclude whataboutism.

But the comparison doesn't work. Hunting narco-seniors with thousands of armed employees in a foreign state are not the same as hunting simple fraudsters hiding behind plausible deniability. Especially when the narcos end badly anyway as do all the market manipulators that we know of.


u/petethefreeze Jan 14 '22

I disagree. This is still a win. No matter how small a fish he is.


u/andyouarenotme Jan 14 '22

Did you even read the comment you replied to?


u/1ggiepopped Jan 14 '22

You must be new


u/M8K2R7A6 Jan 14 '22

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