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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

He def sounds like a sociopath. And of course he doesn't pay taxes. Fucker


u/De3NA Jan 14 '22

His plan was pretty genius. Raising the cost of some medicine so that he could charge the insurance company an insane amount and also offer cheap medicine if you contact him directly. If someone were to do both it’s a win win lose for the insurance company.


u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

Yeah. Except the insurers just pass the cost on to the people they insure. It's not like they're taking a loss. So yeah it's lucrative for him but he's just taking money from people playing insurance premiums.

The system in the US is beyond fucked. The fact we have a health insurance industry seems like a symptom of a problem to me. Insurers serve the shareholder first and the insured second.


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22

You’re not wrong at all, but he was doing what every other drug CEO does, and unluckily became the poster boy for our fucked up healthcare system. So many people in this thread think he was literally charging individuals hundreds of dollars directly, when, in fact, you could literally buy it directly from the company for like a dollar if you didn’t have insurance coverage. The masses just took the sensationalist headlines and ran with them.


u/PM_PICS_OF_ME_NAKED Jan 14 '22

They gave out daraprim to people who couldn't afford it.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22 edited Mar 07 '22



u/bubumamajuju Jan 15 '22

Lol… you’re essentially asking for patient data which is illegal to give out.

Every company offers income-based affordability plans. Look at more popular drugs and you’ll find someone off insurance sharing their experience of how they get a necessary drug for a subsidized price or free.

I don’t know any pharma companies that plainly state the amount of drugs they give out free… presumably because there’s zero benefit to it. You could be pessimistic and say that’s because none of the companies want patients to know about the affordability of their drugs but honestly people like you will almost certainly be skeptical regardless.

The reality is the pricing was done in a calculated way for an obscure and rare disease with a very small patient count and most patients have insurance. I think there’s a lot of general ignorance about how this works because it’s so different than other day to day goods/services… it’s almost like Reddit implicitly has this understanding that going to a hospital with a rare disease will have your doctor and nurses asking you: “would you like to purchase an additional ibuprofen this morning for 12.99 a pill? We will start the primary treatment when we get a check made out to the hospital for 10k “


u/Swamp85 Jan 14 '22

you could literally buy it directly from the company for like a dollar if you didn’t have insurance coverage.

I've never seen a source given for proof of this other than Shkreli saying it offhand once.

The masses just took the sensationalist headlines and ran with them.

And the reddit masses (i.e. you) took the bullshit excuses he constantly gave and ran with that because have to be a contrarian


u/CommanderUnstoppable Jan 14 '22

You can go watch the documentary on him they interview a guy who got the medicine when he DMed him on Reddit.


u/Swamp85 Jan 14 '22

Are you talking about the VICE one? Because they definitely don't interview anyone but Shkreli in that one and that's the only one I'm aware of.


u/BigNastyMitch Jan 15 '22

There's another called Pharma Bro, they don't interview Shkreli at all and there is a guy who dmed him and got it free.


u/digital_fingerprint Jan 15 '22

Do you mind composing a list of all pharmaceutical CEO reddit and Twitter handles just in case I might need something.


u/BigNastyMitch Jan 15 '22

On it boss, will have it back to you EOD.

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u/GloriousReign Jan 15 '22

That’s every ceo does, the economy is built supporting an upperclass


u/Steve-O7777 Jan 15 '22

He didn’t even get arrested for raising drug prices - that was 100% legal. He was convicted for moving money from one of his hedge funds to another.


u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 14 '22

*In steaming shithole countries. You have to qualify that lm because In decent, developed countries that doesn't get passed down on the customer


u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

Steaming shithole countries vs decent developed countries

LOL. Tell me where are you from and which category do you think it falls in?


u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 15 '22

My country thinks healthy citizens are a worthwhile investment and shouldnt bankrupt it's people vs countries that Do.



u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

My condolences.


u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 15 '22

Great reply. Absolutely stellar. did you think of it yourself or did you have to crawl out of the basement to ask your mom for help with it?


u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

No, I actually asked yours. She's right next to me. She says don't forget to drink your ovaltine, honey.

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