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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/meco03211 Jan 14 '22

Won't someone think of the poor stakeholders? Should they suffer because people choose to become diabetic? Have they tried not being diabetic?


u/jetsetninjacat Jan 14 '22

Ive been trying 25 years. You know 120 years ago when diabetics were real diabetics, they just slipped into comas and died like real men and women. Not like us sissies today.


u/Basgerin Jan 14 '22

Yeah you should just die like a real man.

People have become so soyified.


u/monstrinhotron Jan 15 '22

They weren't real men! Most of them died as toddlers before they could grow up.

T1 diabetic for 4 years. Very grateful for the insulin.


u/jetsetninjacat Jan 15 '22

I learned something fascinating the other day when reading about J. R. R. Tolkien. His mother had Type 1. Now before insulin was finally purified and useable for humans they did come up with a kind of treatment. This treatment was after they tried the eat sugar one(yes they really did that). Anyways they learned a near starvation dier with exercise could help a diabetic live long enough. Tolkiens mom lived until 34 when she finally died from DKA. Before insulin, 34 was essentially the top age a diabetic could reach with the starvation and exercise plan.


u/monstrinhotron Jan 15 '22

My version today is a low carb diet and a 3 mile walk everyday.


u/jetsetninjacat Jan 15 '22

Yeah type 2, sure. Not for us type 1.


u/monstrinhotron Jan 15 '22

I should have been clear. Low carb diet, 3 mile walk and lots of injections of insulin. The first 2 just help keep me in range.


u/jetsetninjacat Jan 15 '22

Haha oops. They were down to something like 800 calories a day with a limited food selection. Ill stick to my pump, carb counting, and exercise.


u/krozarEQ Jan 15 '22

Damn millennials these days think they're entitled to living! Hell my grandpappy ate nothing but bacon and syrup, smoked 2 packs before lunch, cut out a melanoma every day and walked around punching rattlesnakes in the face.


u/JB-from-ATL Jan 15 '22

I'm imaging a dark comedy about someone on a coma and then the announcer says you're not you when you're hungry, grab a snickers


u/Xedd82 Jan 15 '22

Crazy medical advances removing the most profitable wings of every hospital in the country because they came up with a life saving treatment.


u/RWGlix Jan 14 '22

Novak said of you have a really positive attitude about it you will be okay


u/Rye_The_Science_Guy Jan 15 '22

Praise be to supply-side Jesus