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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Griffisbored Jan 14 '22

While he did do many unscrupulous things, punishing him is the equivalent of cheering about putting a local drug dealer in prison while ignoring and refusing to prosecute the massive cartels.

He was the head of a small start-up that employed a strategy that is used by almost all the largest multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies in the world. What he did effected a really small group of people (and he actually offered case by case discounts to those whose insurance wouldn't cover it) compared to the companies manufacturing products like insulin who have millions of patients.

He was made an example of because he was a small time player who didn't have the lobbying and financial power to control the system like the big pharma companies who are the biggest criminals. He did bad things but calling this a win only distracts from the real problem.


u/GoneFishing4Chicks Jan 14 '22

Reminder that iran contra means reagan was a cartel boss