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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Gingorthedestroyer Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Take My Energy Starry

Let’s do insulin producers now.


u/Colorado1996 Jan 14 '22

Made millions from hiking prices from $13.50 to $750

Damn, saw that line and thought they were talking about insulin. Price gouging has happened on multiple life saving drugs? People are the worst


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22

Insulin should have a co-pay of about $2. Or less.


u/Colorado1996 Jan 14 '22

I think there’s a strong case that insulin should be free. But ya I’ll take $2 or less


u/Reutermo Jan 14 '22

It is free by law here in Sweden. Have been since the 60s.


u/IronicBread Jan 14 '22

But muh communism


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/TailRudder Jan 14 '22

Let them, then invade them, turn them back into a territory, and don't let them have senators.


u/Chillbruh469 Jan 15 '22

You might have a harder time fighting cartels off in Texas then actual Texans. The cartels basically own the bottom half of Texas. It Texas ever leaves they are going to have a bloody cartel fight to keep their land.


u/xpdx Jan 15 '22

Give their place to Puerto Rico, Texas can get back in once PR votes to let them back in.


u/TucuReborn Jan 15 '22

In all seriousness though, our territories should be converted into states.

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u/klavin1 Jan 15 '22

Wall them off too


u/HHH-mods-are-snakes Jan 15 '22

Argued with a dude in /r/conservative and he hit me with "So you blue states would have no problem if we decided we want to secede then right?". These people are delusional and have no idea how the world works.


u/tiefling_sorceress Jan 15 '22

Oh no whatever shall we do.


u/Ragnarok314159 Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

Pay less In federal taxes from having to support all the red state leeches? That would be nice.

Republicans/Conservative people have the same mindset as housecats - they walk around pretending to be tough, when in reality are fat, stupid, and have no understanding of the science and the system that supports their lifestyle.

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u/Leviathan3333 Jan 15 '22

Problem is, anything like laws and lines are person made and subject to social construction. So when enough delusional people believe it’s possible to do something…well you get people storming Capitol Hill.


u/Lost4468 Jan 15 '22

Does it matter if they're delusional? I really don't get why Americans are so opposed to states seceding. If a state wants to secede, and there's reasonable requirements for doing so (a super-majority of e.g. 67% and a voter turn-out of 70%), they should absolutely be allowed to.

I don't see how anyone can justify forcing a state to stay regardless of what they want. And at the same time Americans will also nearly always stand up and support secessions in other countries, so long as the population actually wants it. Why doesn't that apply in the US? Again so long as reasonable requirements have been met (you certainly can not do it on a normal 50%+) they absolutely should be able to.

It's unjust to force them to stay, and it pretty much always ends up turning into a conflict which ends up causing problems for everyone.

If they can get the requirements, let them leave. Then watch as they absolutely fail and fall apart. When they inevitably want to come back, force them to be an unrepresented territory until they're stable for a period. Then eventually let them back, and maybe split them up into multiple states to prevent them being stupid again.


u/aquoad Jan 15 '22

oh man, go for it guys!


u/Pack_Your_Trash Jan 15 '22

Independent Texas would be a petrol state.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

It’s be a gas station state


u/ShavenYak42 Jan 15 '22

Let them go, then maybe kids in the rest of the US can have textbooks with actual facts in them.


u/elvenrunelord Jan 15 '22

Interesting fact: Texas is the only state that CAN legally leave the union due to having that in the agreement upon signing onto the union. The other states can bitch and complain but they have no legal out.


u/Captain_Smartass_ Jan 14 '22

Sweden = North Korea


u/northwesthonkey Jan 14 '22

North Korea=Finland


u/Michchaal Jan 14 '22

I mean both Koreans and Finns are pretty much Mongols, right?


u/AlaskaNebreska Jan 14 '22

You are so wrong that's almost funny


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/013ander Jan 14 '22

You name another developed country without socialized medicine off the top of your head, and I’ll concede your point.

But you really should look up “economies of scale” to understand why the fact that smaller countries can do things like this actually makes it much more embarrassing that an enormous and wealthier country can’t. There is a reason mom-and-pop stores can’t compete with huge corporations.


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/Trichocereusaur Jan 15 '22

There’s no price gauging tho so yes you may pay for prescriptions but you are paying the bottom dollar price for everything every damn time


u/misogoop Jan 15 '22

Shit if my insurance covered 100% of my medical expenses and I had to pay for prescriptions, that’s still way better than the bullshit we have here lol what are you even talking about

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u/Professional-Basis33 Jan 15 '22

In case you haven’t noticed, US hospitals have issues with understaffing, eve before the Omicron surge.


u/lepenguinman Jan 15 '22

In the UK our national health service covers prescription drugs for those with certain medical conditions. Pretty sure its the same for most of western Europe. Despite our health service being severely weakened by neoliberal policies over the last few years, it's still very well regarded and a point of national pride. I think you'd find it difficult to point to a Western European country that doesn't have an effective national health service.

Stop pointing to us to try and justify the USA's inhumane healthcare system.

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u/Lascivulen Jan 14 '22

Lmao and this is relevant because?


u/Jackplox Jan 14 '22

it’s not and never has been


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/MinniMemes Jan 14 '22

And this is relevant, becaussseeeee??

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u/Baconator-Junior Jan 14 '22

So pick a State, set it opposite Sweden, and compare like that.

For most States, it actually makes it look far, far worse for the US.


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/Baconator-Junior Jan 14 '22 edited Jan 14 '22

Let's avoid the disingenuous arguments and simply agree that, by the numbers, if you compare any individual State to Sweden, the simple fact is that Sweden's policies seem to work to some degree.

Now, whether you want to call their policies communist or not is up to you. Speaking in terms of $ spent and $ produced, Sweden is incontrovertibly doing something right.

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u/Arcudi Jan 14 '22 edited Jan 14 '22

US 2020 GDP (Millions): 20,893,746.00

SWE 2020 GDP (Millions): 541,220.06

US GDP = 38.6x more than Sweden

US Pop. = 31.7x more than Sweden

What was your point again?

We’re you implying we can’t pay for it in the US?


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22



u/Arcudi Jan 14 '22

But your argument was they they have fewer people...so are you saying they can afford it because they have fewer people? Nowhere in your original statement of what the population is, did you mention the national debt. The US has more money per capita than Sweden has. So, by using the transitive property, we should also be able to afford it. The numbers are relative.

Now, the reason we can't afford it is a completely different thing, which has nothing to do with population, but how we're spending our money. Your argument becomes invalid, because then it has zero to do with population.

We can easily afford giving people free insulin, we just need to stop spending ~$2 billion per day on military funding.

Again, zero to do with population counts.

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