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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

He def sounds like a sociopath. And of course he doesn't pay taxes. Fucker


u/De3NA Jan 14 '22

His plan was pretty genius. Raising the cost of some medicine so that he could charge the insurance company an insane amount and also offer cheap medicine if you contact him directly. If someone were to do both it’s a win win lose for the insurance company.


u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

Yeah. Except the insurers just pass the cost on to the people they insure. It's not like they're taking a loss. So yeah it's lucrative for him but he's just taking money from people playing insurance premiums.

The system in the US is beyond fucked. The fact we have a health insurance industry seems like a symptom of a problem to me. Insurers serve the shareholder first and the insured second.


u/NinjaLanternShark Jan 14 '22


Please don't think any practice that "only affects insurance companies" is a good thing. I get that lots of people don't pay for their insurance and thus never see the high cost of premiums, but that high cost affects how much employers can pay workers, how likely employers are to offer insurance, and also affects millions of people who pay for all or part of their insurance themselves.

When you see a company charging one customer $1 and another customer $1000, there's massive corruption going on, pure and simple. Doesn't matter if you think you're on the $1 end, you're still getting screwed.


u/TheOneWithThePorn12 Jan 14 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

The entire medical industry is an overinflated balloon because of the insurance companies.

Just like with anything else they will inflate costs, charge it to the insurer and the insurer passes it on to you. They just don't blatantly tell you to your face they are doing it