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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Ffffqqq Jan 14 '22 Silver


u/girafa Jan 14 '22

This was how a lot of robbers would work. Jewel thieves/etc- they knew they'd get caught so the operation was to rob/steal, bury the loot, go to jail for 5 years, then come out and dig up their money.


u/GorillaX Jan 15 '22 Silver

Saw a documentary about this called "Blue Streak". Martin Lawrence was in it.


u/BNLforever Jan 15 '22

I also enjoyed his documentary with Tim Robbins "nothing to lose"


u/Shalashaskaska Jan 15 '22

There’s a spider on your head


u/triple_seis Jan 15 '22

I thought his documentary series about POC in the police force was very eye opening.


u/D-F-B-81 Jan 15 '22

All about the cuff links....


u/satooshi-nakamooshi Jan 15 '22

Not to be confused with the Tony Robbins documentary on relationships "Shallow Hal"


u/f3ydr4uth4 Jan 15 '22

I also enjoyed his documentary series, “Bad Boys”. It really showed me the challenges of public service in Miami.


u/CShellyRun Jan 15 '22

“I bet when ya punk ass woke up this morning, you didn’t think around 5 o’clock you’d have a hole in ya leg, did ya?”


u/Sun_Aria Jan 15 '22

I vaguely remember a show on TV about an American drug smuggler who would bury his cash. IIRC he went to dig it out when he got out of prison (or on the run). I think it was an episode of I Almost Got Away With It


u/Feisty_Sympathy5080 Jan 15 '22

Absolutely thrilling documentary. Love the part where Dave Chapelle shows the protagonist thief how to rip someone’s nuts out through their mouth hole. Riveting work.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

Guy actually talking about jewel thieves as if he has any knowledge on the subject beyond heist movies


u/pyrophitez Jan 15 '22

Yo tengo un gato en mis pantalones.


u/Avatorjr Jan 15 '22

Very good documentation


u/e2verde Jan 15 '22

this is legit the first comment I have burst out laughing from... well done


u/Nitin-2020 Jan 15 '22

Cat in my pants


u/verified_potato Jan 15 '22

I watched that like 100 times


u/GrimCreepaz Jan 15 '22

"I'm a Federale, Yo tengo el gato en mis pantalones." "You have a big cat in your pants?"


u/acardy Jan 15 '22

The pizza delivery scene always cracked me up A a kid LOL


u/ArcadianDelSol Jan 16 '22

I also enjoyed his documentary where he became one of the knights of the round table.


u/sticky-bit Jan 15 '22

The problem with Shkreil's plan was that he didn't have a Senator as a father, like Heather Bresch does.


u/Davescash Jan 16 '22

Shit birds of a shit feather, Ricky.


u/JollyGreenGiraffe Jan 15 '22

In the states there was a BMV car full of people that would rob 24/7 grocery chains a few years ago in NC and worked their way around the east coast. Just completely disappeared.



u/pm_me_actsofkindness Jan 15 '22

The Silkroad guys did this for sure. Right around when their sentences were ending a lot of BTC in old wallets moved around lol.


u/JayCroghan Jan 15 '22

Didn’t one of them get life?


u/_TorpedoVegas_ Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

DPR got life, but died in prison

Edit: no shit I had him confused with another darknet market admin. I hope to God we free that dude, he was an honest outlaw that doesn't belong in a cage


u/Raton_X01 Jan 15 '22

Not dead yet...DPR/ Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to a double life sentence plus forty years without the possibility of parole

Still in prison. On Dec 09,2021 closed a NFT auction for 1447ETH,($6.27M at the time) which will allegedly fund efforts to relieve the suffering of the incarcerated and their families, as well as the fight to free Ross from a life in prison


u/snakefinn Jan 15 '22

I think you are correct unfortunately. The US government used a widenet and seized (stole) a ton of Bitcoin.


u/JayCroghan Jan 15 '22

I dunno about the Bitcoin stealing but the guy who’s in prison isn’t going to be using any buried stash anytime soon.


u/chrisdab Jan 15 '22

2 years later

Commissary now accepts bitcoin


u/Tenn_Tux Jan 15 '22

I wouldn't say "unfortunately". He got life for trying to hire hitmen to murder people. That's pretty fucked up


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

Who knows if that’s even true. The Feds set up people all the time.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22



u/xbearsandporschesx Jan 15 '22

yeah, there's so much loot and gold and diamonds and cash buried all over the world no one will ever find. Like all the hundreds of millions pablo escobar literally buried in forests and walls of buildings and underground etc. crazy to think about.


u/Nord4Ever Jan 15 '22

Pirates too


u/TheApathyParty2 Jan 15 '22

My grandpa did exactly this back in the 50’s. He robbed a bank, knew he would get caught, buried the cash, and did his time. His take was around $25,000US, so adjusted for inflation about $430,000 modern day. Not a bad take.

But he was an idiot and didn’t store it properly. He buried it next to a river which flooded while he was inside, and it was mush by the time he came back to it. 10 years gone and missing out on my dad’s childhood lost for nothing (my dad was conceived on a conjugal visit).