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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

Yeah. Except the insurers just pass the cost on to the people they insure. It's not like they're taking a loss. So yeah it's lucrative for him but he's just taking money from people playing insurance premiums.

The system in the US is beyond fucked. The fact we have a health insurance industry seems like a symptom of a problem to me. Insurers serve the shareholder first and the insured second.


u/Thehealthygamer Jan 14 '22

This is a case of hate the game, not the player. The problem lies in how the system is set up to be exploited like this. Shkreli is certainly not the first and won't be the last person to pull this BS.


u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

I agree. I think it's fair to hate players of this game though.


u/Thehealthygamer Jan 14 '22

Good point. Perfectly okay to hate the pharmaceutical and insurance industry and the individual players.