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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/De3NA Jan 14 '22

His plan was pretty genius. Raising the cost of some medicine so that he could charge the insurance company an insane amount and also offer cheap medicine if you contact him directly. If someone were to do both it’s a win win lose for the insurance company.


u/ajb32 Jan 14 '22

Yeah. Except the insurers just pass the cost on to the people they insure. It's not like they're taking a loss. So yeah it's lucrative for him but he's just taking money from people playing insurance premiums.

The system in the US is beyond fucked. The fact we have a health insurance industry seems like a symptom of a problem to me. Insurers serve the shareholder first and the insured second.


u/Thehealthygamer Jan 14 '22

This is a case of hate the game, not the player. The problem lies in how the system is set up to be exploited like this. Shkreli is certainly not the first and won't be the last person to pull this BS.


u/egyeager Jan 14 '22

He was/is the type of guy to take a broken system and exploit the fuck out of it.

Another example with him, at one point he wanted to buy every single copy of the magic the gathering card "Black Lotus". Black lotus is very expensive and is part of a list of cards that are both very expensive, legal for tournament play (in certain formats) and wizards of the coast will never, ever reprint (due to alleged threat of lawsuit). That system is broken, and he was ready to absolutely ream it and fundamentally shape it around him. He would, in theory, be able to shape the fabric of magic the gathering at an economic level.