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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Arcudi Jan 14 '22 edited Jan 14 '22

US 2020 GDP (Millions): 20,893,746.00

SWE 2020 GDP (Millions): 541,220.06

US GDP = 38.6x more than Sweden

US Pop. = 31.7x more than Sweden

What was your point again?

We’re you implying we can’t pay for it in the US?


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u/Arcudi Jan 14 '22

But your argument was they they have fewer people...so are you saying they can afford it because they have fewer people? Nowhere in your original statement of what the population is, did you mention the national debt. The US has more money per capita than Sweden has. So, by using the transitive property, we should also be able to afford it. The numbers are relative.

Now, the reason we can't afford it is a completely different thing, which has nothing to do with population, but how we're spending our money. Your argument becomes invalid, because then it has zero to do with population.

We can easily afford giving people free insulin, we just need to stop spending ~$2 billion per day on military funding.

Again, zero to do with population counts.


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u/Arcudi Jan 15 '22

My wife is from Finland and my sister-in-law is a doctor in Finland, I know about socialized medicine well enough to know that it works.

Your argument was initially pointing out the disparity in the population with no mention of what that actually means, which is what my initial comment was responding to—we make more money per capita than Sweden does.

You can't cite population as an argument for why something would work or not.

How much money, debt, and how they spend their money is a large part of it. You say we're in debt, and our spending is why. Cutting the budget on spending is one way to deal with spending too much. If you spend less, you get to save/redistribute more. However, we tend to cut the budget on education, and unfortunately, it shows.