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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/polyrhetor Jan 14 '22

She was also the central player in the WVU executive MBA scandal, in which she claimed to have it, didn’t complete it, and when called on it the WVU admin falsified records rather than contradict her. As a Mountaineer grad I still feel perpetual outrage about this.


u/Sage2050 Jan 14 '22

Don't forget that daddy Manchin was friends with the CEO of said pharma company that made her COO out of college with no qualifications that she would later became CEO of.


u/QuickAltTab Jan 14 '22

Double don't forget that mommy manchin was the head of the WVa board of education and spearheaded the campaign to require schools to purchase epipens, which coincidentally enough coincided with her daughter's campaign to price gouge on the price of said epipens.


u/Sage2050 Jan 15 '22

Wow it's almost like the entire family is shit


u/NAmember81 Jan 15 '22

No different than Trump and his genetic sewage. It’s just that most of the ruling class keeps a low profile and doesn’t ruffle too many feathers of fellow rich people and their goons (Law Enforcement).