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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Ffffqqq Jan 14 '22 Silver


u/WishIWasOnACatamaran Jan 14 '22

36M for 7 years is still a helluva deal


u/Alpha_Decay_ Jan 15 '22

That's $14k per day. I would certainly spend a considerable amount of time in jail for $14k per day, but not 7 years. At that point you're just missing out on too many life experiences that you can never get back. No amount of money can buy your 30s back.


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

Right, it scales down really well. Who wouldn’t spend 24 hours in jail for $14,000?


u/shwilliams4 Jan 15 '22

Every 8 days is a year of good salary. 40 years of salary for 1 year.


u/definetelynotsus Jan 15 '22

Not sure if you ever did time, but it isn’t exactly like hanging out drinking beers. Who knows maybe your first day a riot kicks off. “Prison is like dying with your eyes open”


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

I’ve done a solid year in county. It sucked. But I’d do it again for $5 Million. I wouldn’t do 7 though. Shit even in state prison I could pay a gang $50,000 to protect me for a year.


u/definetelynotsus Jan 15 '22

Fair enough but it’s a dice roll, even if you roll it up and do your time in the SHU. If the gangs know someone is papered they just extort for more $. At 36m who cares lol but again you just never know !


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

I don’t think I could spend a year in solitary for any amount of money. That’s a decent point about the extortion, depending on the environment it would probably be best to keep to myself but you never know.


u/SherlockCumbercat Jan 15 '22

Ya be we was to some white collar jail that like a cheap summer camp experience.


u/GrumpyGiant Jan 16 '22

Now, minimum security prison is no picnic! I’ve a client in there right now. He says the trick is: kick someone’s ass the first day, or become someone’s bitch.


u/TocinoPanchetaSpeck Jan 15 '22

Yes but you get to have 7 years of new experiences you would have missed out on if not in jail.


u/nerrvouss Jan 15 '22

Youre also talking millionaire style living for those 7 years and the rest of your life. If played right. Versus whatever situation before. Id consider it vs working the rest of my life. Id be set for life in 7 years.


u/Boneyg001 Jan 16 '22

Most people are short-sided and live in the moment. They will work for 60 years and struggle to retire and call that "living" instead of a golden opportunity of 7 years for 53 years of living life.


u/Alpha_Decay_ Jan 15 '22

Indeed, I'm just stating my personal preference. It could very well be worth it to some people depending on their other options and what they want out of life.


u/Rando_Guy_07 Jan 15 '22

Anybody read/remember the short story “the bet” by Anton Chekhov. I’m sure many people would initially trade a decade of their life for that amount of cash.


u/LittleStJamesBond Jan 15 '22

Ok but there’s a lot of experiences you can have in jail that you couldn’t have out on the streets


u/LU90 Jan 15 '22

Ah I dunno 40’s the new 30 I hear.


u/Locken_Kees Jan 16 '22

that's what I was thinking.