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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/013ander Jan 14 '22

You name another developed country without socialized medicine off the top of your head, and I’ll concede your point.

But you really should look up “economies of scale” to understand why the fact that smaller countries can do things like this actually makes it much more embarrassing that an enormous and wealthier country can’t. There is a reason mom-and-pop stores can’t compete with huge corporations.


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u/lepenguinman Jan 15 '22

In the UK our national health service covers prescription drugs for those with certain medical conditions. Pretty sure its the same for most of western Europe. Despite our health service being severely weakened by neoliberal policies over the last few years, it's still very well regarded and a point of national pride. I think you'd find it difficult to point to a Western European country that doesn't have an effective national health service.

Stop pointing to us to try and justify the USA's inhumane healthcare system.