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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Reutermo Jan 14 '22

It is free by law here in Sweden. Have been since the 60s.


u/SnooPineapples494 Jan 14 '22 Helpful


u/biggestbroever Jan 14 '22

If this is communist california, sign me up


u/cool---coolcoolcool Jan 15 '22

We can also buy alcohol of all types from almost every store on any day. Fuck you utah, zion you’re cool


u/fawks_harper78 Jan 15 '22

Canyonlands and Moab is pretty dope. Navajo country, Bears Ears. There is a lot to love in Utah. There just happens to have backwards assholes in lots of places. Like most places.


u/kkeut Jan 15 '22

so, the good parts of Utah are the parts that are essentially uninhabited and under federal or indigenous control. this definitely jibes with what my ex-mormom friends say and what I observed during my visits


u/fawks_harper78 Jan 15 '22

I mean, I would willingly go back to all of those parts that I have experienced many times over. It is gorgeous. When I have gone to reservations, the people have been super warm and inviting. So, yeah, you can sum it up that way!


u/SeriouslyUnknown Jan 15 '22

Can confirm, just moved from Utah to California


u/johnhills711 Jan 15 '22

assholes? Like mormons?


u/OLightning Jan 15 '22

I used to take a prescription drug that could be treated without drugs until the greedy Pharma made the procedure unavailable. Then I had to buy their product at a reasonable $12 but went up to $123. When I asked why my doctor said sorry but you have to get a special elite insurance. Big Pharma will continue this as long as Congressmen continue to get paid to allow laws to protect greedy Pharma sad to say. This is the world we live in. The rich take advantage of the commoners.


u/fawks_harper78 Jan 15 '22

I didn’t ask them if they were LDS.


u/--0IIIIIII0-- Jan 15 '22

And Texas. Totally loves that freedom, but can't buy liquor on Sundays. Lol. Packaged liquors anyway.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22



u/phurt77 Jan 15 '22

Stock up? You mean have bottles of alcohol in my house and not drink them?

How do you do that?


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

All I have to text about it is to drink within reason and moderation unless you're on a deathwish as has happened to a few of my dead friends...


u/--0IIIIIII0-- Jan 15 '22

Not really the point, you are correct.


u/Raveynfyre Jan 15 '22

Just wish CoL wasn't so high out there. It's most comparable to my state weather wise, but isn't governed by an idiot Trumpanzee. I've lovingly nicknamed him Gov. DeathSentence due to his (mis)handling of this virus response, and it applies once again due to complete and total lack of testing sites funded by the state, etc.


u/Egechem Jan 15 '22

Damn communist Safeway selling alcohols on a Sunday.


u/ralphy1010 Jan 15 '22

The bodega never closes in NYC.


u/Mister_Brevity Jan 15 '22

Why does Utah have so many arbys. Haven’t been in years but I remember exactly two things. Floating down the river in Zion with fish biting the hair on my legs, and eleventy billion arbys.


u/blade_torlock Jan 15 '22

Except full strength Everclear.


u/asquinas Jan 15 '22

You're half baked.


u/MuleMagnifico Jan 15 '22

wait that's not a thing everywhere?


u/Bullen-Noxen Jan 15 '22

Utah is egotistical in their approach.


u/GunnerGurl Jan 15 '22

Well sure I mean, we can’t have drunk people falling off all our redrock cliffs, that’s not what makes them red! /s