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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/SnooPineapples494 Jan 14 '22 Helpful


u/biggestbroever Jan 14 '22

If this is communist california, sign me up


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

If ever there was a state financially and socially ready to leave the union, it’s us. If it could be done without closing borders or too big a disruption to transport and trade, i wonder what that would look like with a few decades of preparation.


u/thegroucho Jan 15 '22

I think you can pull it off and good luck if you do (non sarcastically).

But, equally, see Brexit.

In fact, fuck Brexit, sideways, with a cactus (the ones I see only in American movies in a desert) set on fire, wrapped in barb wire, garnished with broken glass and nettle.


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

I think it would stand on it’s own, i mean. With enough planning and preparation it could probably thrive being it’s own republic. Im not suggesting we should or that lives of it’s citizens would improve suddenly or at all. Im suggesting no other state could.

Realistically, we wouldnt be allowed to leave - we occupy most of the pacific coast and gate to North America - we border Mexico and produce vast resources for the rest of America. We have silicone valley and if lost the US would no longer have any controlled stake in a vital chunk of future and current tech. Our contribution to federal taxes equals almost 1/6th of total nationwide contributions, the lion’s share of total US revenue. Just basic reasons why California wouldn’t be allowed to succeed, and why this is just made as a statement of passing curiosity