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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Ffffqqq Jan 14 '22 Silver


u/WishIWasOnACatamaran Jan 14 '22

36M for 7 years is still a helluva deal


u/Alpha_Decay_ Jan 15 '22

That's $14k per day. I would certainly spend a considerable amount of time in jail for $14k per day, but not 7 years. At that point you're just missing out on too many life experiences that you can never get back. No amount of money can buy your 30s back.


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

Right, it scales down really well. Who wouldn’t spend 24 hours in jail for $14,000?


u/shwilliams4 Jan 15 '22

Every 8 days is a year of good salary. 40 years of salary for 1 year.


u/definetelynotsus Jan 15 '22

Not sure if you ever did time, but it isn’t exactly like hanging out drinking beers. Who knows maybe your first day a riot kicks off. “Prison is like dying with your eyes open”


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

I’ve done a solid year in county. It sucked. But I’d do it again for $5 Million. I wouldn’t do 7 though. Shit even in state prison I could pay a gang $50,000 to protect me for a year.


u/definetelynotsus Jan 15 '22

Fair enough but it’s a dice roll, even if you roll it up and do your time in the SHU. If the gangs know someone is papered they just extort for more $. At 36m who cares lol but again you just never know !


u/RehabValedictorian Jan 15 '22

I don’t think I could spend a year in solitary for any amount of money. That’s a decent point about the extortion, depending on the environment it would probably be best to keep to myself but you never know.


u/SherlockCumbercat Jan 15 '22

Ya be we was to some white collar jail that like a cheap summer camp experience.


u/GrumpyGiant Jan 16 '22

Now, minimum security prison is no picnic! I’ve a client in there right now. He says the trick is: kick someone’s ass the first day, or become someone’s bitch.