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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/j_lyf Jan 15 '22

True. And Shkreli is actually rags to riches. Funny that America attacks someone who had the American Dream!


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

They attack him because he's a subhuman scumbag


u/VicktoriousVICK Jan 15 '22

Self projection


u/VirtualMoneyLover Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

You are 98% correct, so not technically correct. The missing 2% got Shkreli in prison. He misused investors' money, period. That he got it back plus some is irrelevant.

It is like I steal 1K bucks from you. I buy lottery tickets with it and I win 3K. Then I give you back 1.5K, you just made 50%, you are happy. Except I am still a thief.


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u/VirtualMoneyLover Jan 15 '22

according to the law he was guilty,

Technically correct, the best kind. Now he could have got a more lenient sentence based on nobody getting hurt, but the leniency ship sailed after the judge looked at his face.


u/alsbos1 Jan 15 '22

One of our current Supreme Court justices said that we have so many laws these days, that there’s not a single adult in America who isn’t guilty of a felony charge….that’s the reality of ‘technically’.


u/Perksss Jan 15 '22

I’ve got respect for the scientist/ academic Martin Shkreli, not so much the public villain persona. He did work with St.Jude and in developing a potential cure for PKAN, which is a rare disease mainly effecting children.

This is sad news, the medical community has now lost one of few scientists willing to tackle rare diseases.

I remember seeing this video years ago, I’ll leave this here: https://youtu.be/l__qN9Qt3Hc


u/BepplesTheBeloved Jan 15 '22

Secondly, him going to jail had nothing to do with that. They investigated him and found that he had basically made some poor investing decisions with other people’s money. And nearly lost it all. And then he was able to get it all back and then some, by short squeezing a small cap stock.

He went to jail, even though he made back all of the investor’s money.

So... a Ponzi scheme that almost blew up?


u/JCharante Jan 15 '22

Clearly you don't know what a Ponzi scheme is


u/Lost4468 Jan 15 '22

No it was a literal standard ponzi scheme. He was literally using newer companies investments to pay off old companies. It's like ponzi 101.


u/PastorofMuppets101 Jan 15 '22

Personally, I take shithead pharma execs at their word too.


u/C--T--F Jan 15 '22

He claimed he raised the prices up so high so that that money can be used for future research. It's all bullshit. Shrekli has very little of a conscience, if at all. Curing others is not actually something that would be an ideal to him.

Narcissists and those with ASPD struggle with caring about others, they often understand the moral beliefs of average people, but it doesn't hold much weight to them. The malicious ones with those personality disorders wil say things that they know will make most people morally feel good, in order to protect themselves and misdirect criticism. Shkreli is fundamentally different from people like you and me. You can't trust what a person like him says.


u/AnalWithDad Jan 15 '22

Shrekli has probably done more good for this world than you have, or ever will for that matter, yet you sit here and actively shit on a man who screwed the people who screw 99% of the populace and get away with it. He screwed them and got away with it and you think he’s a villain because of that don’t you. This feels like the crabs in the bucket paradox at its simplest. He was a pretty big supporter for child cancer research, but oh no, he charged insurance company’s a big ole whopping sum while giving his drug away for free to those that weren’t covered/didn’t have insurance. What a nasty man. You don’t hate him because of his Ponzi scheme shenanigans, you hate him because of the big pharma propaganda you gobbled up from years ago, to now remember and spew it unto Reddit and feel like you are making a difference.

Pathetic, and that’s coming from somebody named “AnalWithDad”.


u/C--T--F Jan 15 '22

You cannot project your emotional mindstate onto him. There is a fundemental part of the average soul missing in him. He doesn't support charitable things to be charitable. He doesn't make claims that he gives it away things for free because he wants to put goodness out there. He does things like that in hopes of holding a mask up that says: "I'm a good guy. I really want the best for you. I'm the ideal person." It's that: a mask.


u/Gummybear_Qc Jan 15 '22

Yeah it's crazy


u/Badwolf2013 Jan 15 '22

He ran a positive scheme and only made it right by infusing money he made in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s very illegal. If he didn’t hit it big in the pharmaceutical world all those people would have been screwed.


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u/neotek Jan 15 '22

It's patently obvious you didn't. The SEC even gave you a graph that directly showed you, in black and white, that the shorts closed their positions and that the volume of trades required to do so was a minor fraction of the total volume during January.

Over 1.1 billion GME shares were traded during the run up period, with a total of 76 million in the entire float. The shorts didn't even need 10% of that volume to cover, and that's exactly what the SEC report says: the reason the volume was so high wasn't due to shorts covering, they did that without even breaking a sweat, it was high because dipshits like you kept buying long after the squeeze had ended.

Again, it's there in black and white. Only a complete fucking imbecile could read the SEC report and misinterpret it to the insane degree you have. The reality is that you're allergic to the truth, blinded by stupidity and an inability to accept the fact you made a bad mistake.

But it doesn't matter, because reality doesn't give a shit about your wishes and dreams. GME has plummeted in value and continues to drop, day after day after day, with no end in sight. An overwhelming majority of bagholders, over 99% according to the directly reported figures, are in the red on this trade, and it's only going to get worse the longer you hold. It's over buddy, you lost, and you're never getting that money back.


u/The_JRaff Jan 15 '22

If he hadn't been such an unrepentant bag of dicks he wouldn't have gone to jail.

So even if he did nothing all that bad legally... he kinda brought this all on himself and I don't feel bad for the dude at all.


u/KaneRobot Jan 16 '22

It’s incredible how uninformed and wrong most of these commenters are.

You must be new to Reddit. That should not surprise you if you've been around for a while.