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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

If ever there was a state financially and socially ready to leave the union, it’s us. If it could be done without closing borders or too big a disruption to transport and trade, i wonder what that would look like with a few decades of preparation.


u/Splice1138 Jan 15 '22

With our ~54 electoral votes gone, the US would never elect another left president. It'd be Jesusland for real


u/fersure4 Jan 15 '22

If CA ever tried to leave the country many other states would follow suit.

I honestly wouldn't hate America splintering into several different countries.


u/trahoots Jan 15 '22

I bet the New England states would stick together and that’d be a pretty cool place to live.


u/fersure4 Jan 15 '22

I'd imagine New England+

New England, New York, New Jersey merged together.


u/RiversKiski Jan 15 '22

It'd be the OG one three. PA's a powerhouse, Maryland for the ports, and Virginia for Norfolk and that sweet, sweet meth coal production.


u/wakenbacons Jan 15 '22

Wow I’m from New England and TIL New York isn’t part of it!