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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22

Insulin should have a co-pay of about $2. Or less.


u/Colorado1996 Jan 14 '22

I think there’s a strong case that insulin should be free. But ya I’ll take $2 or less


u/Reutermo Jan 14 '22

It is free by law here in Sweden. Have been since the 60s.


u/SnooPineapples494 Jan 14 '22 Helpful


u/biggestbroever Jan 14 '22

If this is communist california, sign me up


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

If ever there was a state financially and socially ready to leave the union, it’s us. If it could be done without closing borders or too big a disruption to transport and trade, i wonder what that would look like with a few decades of preparation.


u/Splice1138 Jan 15 '22

With our ~54 electoral votes gone, the US would never elect another left president. It'd be Jesusland for real


u/fersure4 Jan 15 '22

If CA ever tried to leave the country many other states would follow suit.

I honestly wouldn't hate America splintering into several different countries.


u/godisanelectricolive Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

Use Canada as the connector. Most blue states are either connected to another blue state or to Canada. If Colorado can be persuaded to join then New Mexico and Colorado would also be connected to Greater Canada. So if they all join Canada then the coastal and blue Midwestern states can stay together (Hawaii can also join if they want) and still be basically tied with China in terms of GDP.

Canada's economy is close to that of Texas so that'd be a consolation for losing the wealthiest red state. Canada also has a lot of land and untapped natural resources.


u/Splice1138 Jan 15 '22

That's what the Jesusland map is. Basically the west coast, New England, north Midwest, and Hawaii join "The United States of Canada", and the rest of the states become Jesusland.

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