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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 15 '22

My country thinks healthy citizens are a worthwhile investment and shouldnt bankrupt it's people vs countries that Do.



u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

My condolences.


u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 15 '22

Great reply. Absolutely stellar. did you think of it yourself or did you have to crawl out of the basement to ask your mom for help with it?


u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

No, I actually asked yours. She's right next to me. She says don't forget to drink your ovaltine, honey.


u/thedarkarmadillo Jan 15 '22

Oh shit you got me good! I haven't heard "no u" since I was in grade school. Gosh you are like, SO smart. Can we do a fart joke next? Oh wait I'll head you off (sorry)... Chicken butt! Hahahahaha I'm a regular ole cockmysock just too smart for the people around me. LMAO.


u/CockMySock Jan 15 '22

Lol, your go to was a mom joke. You're not exactly a comedian yourself thedarkarmadildo. LMAO. I'm as funny as you! Kek! LOL! (sorry) LOL! I'm a funny little armadildo boy!