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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Ffffqqq Jan 14 '22 Silver


u/girafa Jan 14 '22

This was how a lot of robbers would work. Jewel thieves/etc- they knew they'd get caught so the operation was to rob/steal, bury the loot, go to jail for 5 years, then come out and dig up their money.


u/pm_me_actsofkindness Jan 15 '22

The Silkroad guys did this for sure. Right around when their sentences were ending a lot of BTC in old wallets moved around lol.


u/JayCroghan Jan 15 '22

Didn’t one of them get life?


u/_TorpedoVegas_ Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

DPR got life, but died in prison

Edit: no shit I had him confused with another darknet market admin. I hope to God we free that dude, he was an honest outlaw that doesn't belong in a cage


u/Raton_X01 Jan 15 '22

Not dead yet...DPR/ Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to a double life sentence plus forty years without the possibility of parole

Still in prison. On Dec 09,2021 closed a NFT auction for 1447ETH,($6.27M at the time) which will allegedly fund efforts to relieve the suffering of the incarcerated and their families, as well as the fight to free Ross from a life in prison


u/snakefinn Jan 15 '22

I think you are correct unfortunately. The US government used a widenet and seized (stole) a ton of Bitcoin.


u/JayCroghan Jan 15 '22

I dunno about the Bitcoin stealing but the guy who’s in prison isn’t going to be using any buried stash anytime soon.


u/chrisdab Jan 15 '22

2 years later

Commissary now accepts bitcoin


u/Tenn_Tux Jan 15 '22

I wouldn't say "unfortunately". He got life for trying to hire hitmen to murder people. That's pretty fucked up


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

Who knows if that’s even true. The Feds set up people all the time.