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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

If ever there was a state financially and socially ready to leave the union, it’s us. If it could be done without closing borders or too big a disruption to transport and trade, i wonder what that would look like with a few decades of preparation.


u/Splice1138 Jan 15 '22

With our ~54 electoral votes gone, the US would never elect another left president. It'd be Jesusland for real


u/fersure4 Jan 15 '22

If CA ever tried to leave the country many other states would follow suit.

I honestly wouldn't hate America splintering into several different countries.


u/TucuReborn Jan 15 '22

This is basically what ended up happening to the Roman Empire. They expanded too far, social and political issues arose, and eventually were brought down by only themselves and fragmented into many smaller nations. The USA is on a similar path. We're trying to be the world peacekeeper and failing, we are rife with so many social and political issues it's staggering, and we are more divided than anyone alive can remember. We're the late stage Roman Empire, and we probably will crumble soon unless sweeping, major changes occur. And even then, those changes even if good may speed it up or just postpone it for a few decades.