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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Andromansis Jan 15 '22

You mean the states that would be financially reliant on the northern states because they haven't been revenue positive in the previous 100 years?


u/Zaper_ Jan 15 '22

I mean you're right but in return the southern states have all of the industry energy production and food...


u/madmoomix Jan 15 '22

I was curious, so I ran the numbers on this. (Well, the food part anyway! I live in a liberal state that is also a huge food producer, and I knew California was the largest, so I wondered what the actual numbers are.)

Using this source, I came up with Democratic-voting states producing 41.41% of the food and Republican-voting states producing 58.59% of the food. So, definitely a difference, but not as large of one as you might expect. I wouldn't be surprised if the difference in energy production is quite slanted, though.


u/pmolmstr Jan 15 '22

What’s the math on food consumption?