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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/De3NA Jan 14 '22

His plan was pretty genius. Raising the cost of some medicine so that he could charge the insurance company an insane amount and also offer cheap medicine if you contact him directly. If someone were to do both it’s a win win lose for the insurance company.


u/Thx002 Jan 14 '22

if you contact him directly.

It was for free if you contacted him.

However that was after the huge backlash so it's smart damage control.

I never understand why the guy went so public about everything, he was actively seeking the infamy. Doing a reddit AMA, doing livestreams... The Wu Tang thing.

If he had shut his mouth he would still be making millions and people would only only him by name.


u/Lost4468 Jan 15 '22

I watched a bunch of his livestreams etc when he was out. He also seems to live very frugally. He was living in a smallish apartment (in NYC but still) that just looked above average, outside of his suits etc his clothes looked pretty cheap, had cheap shit around his home, didn't buy fancy shit like cars etc from what I could see.

I think he lives for his ego. Doesn't seem like he really gives much of a shit about actually using money, just seeing it as a high score. Similarly he kept doing stupid shit to keep him in the news cycle. He ended up losing his bail because he couldn't resist writing a tweet about Hillary Clinton. Despite it being pretty clear he had an ok knowledge of pharmaceuticals, he'd still bullshit and pretend he knew way more on stream, which was ridiculous because there literally are plenty of things he legitimately knows about.

When you watch him on shows/streaming/podcasts/etc though he does come off as pretty down to earth, and even likeable. h3h3 was right in the video linked above, dude seems to have two personalities. It's so weird when you see him talking normally, and he's pretty courteous with the conversation, generally respectful, is fine with discussions that are critical of him, etc. It's weird because when you see assholes like this they're nearly always unbearable.

I guess it's some sort of borderline personality disorder thing? I guess he's pretty normal most of the time, then just absolutely has to blow his ego up randomly, or has to attack someone. Really fucking weird.


u/bubumamajuju Jan 15 '22

I don’t think he grew up very wealthy which is pretty unusual for someone with his level of wealth.

I legitimately think some of the sentencing - outside of major external factors in public opinion and various investors he pissed off - was really influenced by frustration in NY over a similar narcissistic borderline personality disorder man who climbed even higher and never had any consequences at all.