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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/YourDamnRightItIs Jan 14 '22

MSM makes a big deal about this guy but it's a show. There's no movement on drug reform in the US. Insulin prices are still how much?


u/the_busticated_one Jan 14 '22

Last time I checked, cash price for 10 days of insulin for my kid was $300. Granted, that's been 3 or 4 years, so I'm sure it's increased.

Literally, just the vial of insulin. That's not syringes, test strips, etc.


u/thrilla-noise Jan 14 '22

and literally the same drug from the same factory in the same quantity is around $20 OTC in Canada without any insurance.


u/ctruvu Jan 15 '22

walmart brand insulin is $25 and available over the counter, but they’re the only pharmacy to do so


u/thrilla-noise Jan 15 '22

Walmart insulin is not as good as $20 Canadian insulin (e.g. Humalog). Humalog is rapid acting, allowing it to be used in insulin pumps. It is not new (25 years old) but the price in the US is steadily increasing and it now costs hundreds.

The same is true of long acting insulins (e.g. Lantus). The Walmart stuff does not work the same at all and is not as good.


u/lilnomad Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

Are you referring to the Novolins? Because at least they have insulin aspart now as generic at places like Walmart. Lispro is also generic of course but idk about the costs.

Novolins would typically screw people’s regimens up entirely when they would switch. The understanding of pharmacokinetics for the Novolin formulations was essentially zero for patients so they kept (and keep doing this I guess) taking the novolins 15 minutes before meals just as they would their aspart/lispro. Not even on board yet so no wonder these people have poor glycemic control. Then the people on fast and long go on 70/30 on occasion which clearly is terrible. Following the peaks of something like 70/30 is impossible.

I need to review the availability and cost of lispro & aspart. Perhaps patients will also be able to get cheap degludec soon


u/thrilla-noise Jan 15 '22

I’m talking about how people always chime in to recommend Walmart’s cheap R insulin and N insulin when I complain that Humalog is too expensive, even though R insulin and N insulin are not equivalent and suck to use.