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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/IHeartBadCode Jan 14 '22

Interesting thing about EpiPen is that eventually generics and alternative forms got made. Around 2018 EpiPen was about 90% the market, today it’s about 10%.

That said, the makers of EpiPen are also the makers of one of the generics. I’m currently using one of the generics made by someone else Auvi-Q. There’s also one done by CVS. That said, the cash price of generics is still pretty high.

For mine, there’s a website you can go to that you sign up for and it takes about $200 off the price, so I pay about $25 per year for the medication. And that’s a similar situation for a lot of the other generics. Hoops one must jump through to get more affordable prices. I’ll never understand why they must have these hoops one must jump through. But we have at the very least gone from one maker to like three, so there’s a bit of hope that it’s changing somewhat.


u/wiggins-ender Jan 14 '22

Having hoops to jump through makes it more likely that people with the means to just pay will do so rather than jump through said hoops.

Super shitty antics.


u/TheFAPnetwork Jan 14 '22

I take an injection for psoriasis. My copay was $3,000 with insurance. I was given a phone number to call where I get a break in the price so I only pay $5.00 . The fact that I had to go through three separate people to get where I needed to is bonkers.

I've seen the medication as high as $19,000.00


u/LetMeBe_Frank Jan 15 '22

Humera? And does it work for you? (might be completely misremembering the option)


u/TheFAPnetwork Jan 15 '22

Stelara, works works wonders


u/LetMeBe_Frank Jan 15 '22

Thanks. Looks similar to me. I tried otezla pills but the upset stomach and risk of suicidal depression had me spooked after a month. Clobetasol foam works to reduce it if I remember to apply twice daily, but it's annoying to do the same thing for years and only ever reduce patches, never stop them


u/TheFAPnetwork Jan 15 '22

Humera didn't work for me. The amount of injections needed to get rid of the psoriasis was too much and it didn't work for me.

I got stelara and do an injection every twelve weeks