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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/TocinoPanchetaSpeck Jan 15 '22

Yes but you get to have 7 years of new experiences you would have missed out on if not in jail.


u/nerrvouss Jan 15 '22

Youre also talking millionaire style living for those 7 years and the rest of your life. If played right. Versus whatever situation before. Id consider it vs working the rest of my life. Id be set for life in 7 years.


u/Boneyg001 Jan 16 '22

Most people are short-sided and live in the moment. They will work for 60 years and struggle to retire and call that "living" instead of a golden opportunity of 7 years for 53 years of living life.


u/Alpha_Decay_ Jan 15 '22

Indeed, I'm just stating my personal preference. It could very well be worth it to some people depending on their other options and what they want out of life.


u/Rando_Guy_07 Jan 15 '22

Anybody read/remember the short story “the bet” by Anton Chekhov. I’m sure many people would initially trade a decade of their life for that amount of cash.


u/LittleStJamesBond Jan 15 '22

Ok but there’s a lot of experiences you can have in jail that you couldn’t have out on the streets