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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/biggestbroever Jan 14 '22

If this is communist california, sign me up


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

If ever there was a state financially and socially ready to leave the union, it’s us. If it could be done without closing borders or too big a disruption to transport and trade, i wonder what that would look like with a few decades of preparation.


u/jwmosher Jan 15 '22

I was under the impression that a good amount of infrastructure was based off power generation and water from the Colorado river?


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

Firstly i didnt say we should, i say we are probably most able to, and secondly i said “with decades if preparation”, and that certainly includes a massive divestment from traditional power sources. Which Californian is already doing, i mean drive anywhere and youll pass substantial solar and wind farms - this is going to be expanded and will probably only improve over time in efficiency and mainly storage, and possibly huge gains will be seen in tidal power as well. But even ignoring my last point, states already trade power, Californian could easily trade for energy so long as it was considered in the imaginary exodus, and do doubt it would be if it had to be.