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Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry


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u/Pack_Your_Trash Jan 15 '22

California has two major trade ports for international imports. The trade balance between Calofornian and the rest of the US is heavily in favor of California. I guess the price of corn might go up... but who gives a shit?


u/milk4all Jan 15 '22

Our main weakness might be energy but it’s likely it wont be for too long. And it could conceivably be traded as it is now with little disruption. I know that in a vacuum we’d be ok, i dont think average quality of life would improve though, and clearly it would never be tolerated


u/Pack_Your_Trash Jan 15 '22

Considering the percentage of our taxes that go to the boated federal defense budget, farm subsidies for corn and soy, and the shit hole republican states that can't pay their own bills Californian would have a whole lot of extra income to fund schools and healthcare. Quality of life might just improve significantly.


u/milk4all Jan 16 '22

What we contribute to the Feds annually is substantially more than china’s entire military budget (by contrast the entire US k-12 and university spending was just 64b in 2021). That is fucking crazy. We spent at least 3/4 trillion to keep 10 carriers, 500 various other vessels, 5400 aircraft, 6300 tanks, 11,000 drones, and 2.2 million operators all hard at work, while 50 million public school students are only allotted less than 1/10th of the military budget and its actually much worse because the spending also goes to college/university programs but the 50 million students is just k-12 students so i dont have a figure for what k-12 public schools actually receive (be careful looking it up, you will get a ton of misquoted, misunderstood figures that neglect important details like this).