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‘I felt very unsafe’: Parents speak out after Proud Boys show up at children’s library event



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u/LifeIsDeBubbles 5d ago

The fact that they're masked is especially irritatingly ridiculous considering I would imagine all of them are against mask mandates related to COVID.


u/Conservative_HalfWit 5d ago

If you come at it from the perspective of “these are adult toddlers”, it all makes sense. They’re big boys, you can’t tell them what to do. No, they don’t want a shot. No, they don’t want to wear masks. No, they don’t want to share. They’re going to do exactly what they want to do or else they will throw a tantrum, red faced, bald headed and screaming.


u/Jynx2501 5d ago

But now THEY choose to wear masks. You know, because they're cowards.


u/ishkabibbles84 5d ago

It's no different than the klan hoods when you think about it i guess


u/ShanaAfterAll 5d ago Table Slap

I can't see fucking shit out of this thing


u/CameForThis 5d ago

Can we all agree that his wife did a nice job making the masks? But next time… no masks.


u/TheTinRam 5d ago

This time no masks, next time we do it right


u/thedude37 5d ago

Full regalia!

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u/Frys100thCupofCoffee 5d ago

God dammit! This is a raid! I can't see! You can't see! So what?! All that matters is can the fuckin' horse see! That's a raid!


u/ButterflyAtomsk 5d ago

My wife and I are always saying, I think…we all think.


u/kcanard 5d ago

All I hear is criticize, criticize, CRITICIZE!


u/thedude37 5d ago

Next time, don't ask me or mine for nothin'!

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u/MrHedgehogMan 5d ago

“Nice mask“

“Thanks my mom made it”


u/constant_u4ea 5d ago

Next time we go full regalia.

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u/LifeIsDeBubbles 5d ago

OMG someone should have designed masks to look like klan hoods. Problem solved.


u/gsfgf 5d ago

Trump could have made millions selling MAGA masks, but he's an idiot.


u/alti89 5d ago

You can't expect the guy who brags about being a businessman to act like a businessman.

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u/Lildoc_911 5d ago

Trump would still be president, we wouldn't be at a million deaths, we would still have people willing to go to work, so on and so on.

Trump looked at this and said, "Let me fuck this up royally."

All he had to do was say it is America versus the CHY-NA virus. Buy your Maga masks, stay at home with your families, here's some money, take this time to get back to American basics; family first. Have dinner with your kids, do some yard work. Fix that project you have been putting off. I'm here to tell you we will get through this, but we need your help. God bless you blah blah blah America.

The biggest thing here? The people needed to be paid to stay home. You can't tell people not to work, and not get paid.

Completely fucked an opportunity to rally the country together to wage war (we LOVE war) against a disease.

So stupid. I'm glad he's an idiot, but the damage is done.

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u/oom199 5d ago

They're worried other people might intimidate THEM with guns when they're not with their little band of blowhards.

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u/Whatah 5d ago

Plus how proud are you really if you are scared of the ramifications of showing your face?


u/areialscreensaver 5d ago

They are just boys


u/S3erverMonkey 5d ago

Cowardly boys.


u/BlueCoastDoge 5d ago

👆This! …is how they should be labeled across the internet.

What a bunch of sorry-ass dumb fucking cowards.

Only in the USA… the best failed society one could ask for.

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u/Flomo420 5d ago

Because they're chicken shit hypocrites who get their little rocks off by intimidating young families and children.

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u/spaceykayce 5d ago

This comment is making me change my summer wardrobe.


u/FakeTherapist 5d ago

nah, if you don't plan on being a douchenozzle, it's cool to wear that. Cuz you're cool.

Just idiots who think they're /r/iamverybadass dress like that and think they look like the punisher

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u/Bobby_Globule 5d ago Helpful Wearing is Caring

First time they ever set foot in a library.


u/Longjumping_Tea_8586 5d ago Silver Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Starry

If they could read your comment they’d be mad.


u/catcatherine 5d ago Helpful All-Seeing Upvote

Nothing screams alpha male like harassing children in a library


u/BelterLivesMatter 5d ago Silver Spit-take

That's why the alpha version is never released to the public.


u/CyberConCoder 5d ago

This is similar to my response for when someone who claims they're an alpha tells me I'm a beta. I always say, "Well, guess that means I'm more stable and closer to public release!"


u/headieheadie 5d ago

I’m sincerely asking: people actually call themselves alpha and others beta in real life?


u/Vanishingf0x 5d ago Silver

I’m not the person you asked but unfortunately yes. I’ve even had dudes brag to me that they are a sigma male which is apparently better but it sounds like a disease.


u/daxis456 5d ago

Unfortunately yes and it's really Corny

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u/Serpent_of_Rehoboam 5d ago

Everyone knows the best way to promote traditional family values is to intimidate women and children.


u/timsterri 5d ago

How sad that those are traditional values in too many American families.


u/kasahito 5d ago

Imagine being scared of children's books.


u/Chance815 5d ago

Yeah some of them have words!

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u/Nolsoth 5d ago

Just look at this terrifying children's book!


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u/bland_jalapeno 5d ago Wholesome Starry

Wilmington, NC. The only coup d’etat in US history occurred here in 1898. Surprise, surprise, racists didn’t like that progressive whites and blacks had a achieved real political power in the state. So in one night, white supremacists massacred as many as 300 black people, many whites and removed the duly elected mayor and police chief by gunpoint. I see there’s still a lot of mouth breathers in the city who seem to want to go back to the “good old days”.



u/Token_Creative 5d ago

Never knew, thanks for sharing.


u/Conker1985 5d ago

It's like every single white family never left the area and their incestuous descendants are keeping the traditions alive.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

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u/simmons777 5d ago

Tough to do when it's the cops letting them do this


u/Canyousourcethatplz 5d ago

The Sherriff basically held the door open for them. What's the recourse when it's state endorsed violence?


u/Torifyme12 5d ago Silver

Well, we at least know there's one cop that knows how a door works.

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u/Keitt58 5d ago

Here is one example.


u/SpickeZe 5d ago

That was a really good read. Those are some ridiculously tough folks.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

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u/clutzyninja 5d ago

Then the cops arrest gay and black people for "communicating a threat"


u/UncleMeat11 5d ago

Yep. This feels like a "taste of their own medicine" kind of situation, but the FBI just straight up assassinated Fred Hampton. Don't expect to receive the same treatment from cops as the fascists get.

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u/molotovzav 5d ago Silver All-Seeing Upvote Starry Doom

They were basically escorted by the police too. You know what's fucking sick? Grown men showing up to intimidate children and parents in libraries. They have already shown they have no respect for reading, learning and anything related. They're just using wedge issues to disrupt safe learning environments. They understand learning prevents you from becoming hateful man-babies like themselves. Their numbers would drop if anyone actually read a book outside their expertise or life experience. This isn't about LGBTQ people (although that war is always raging and I'm sorry for those that have to fight all the time), or any other minorities (this I understand the exhaustion of fighting) ultimately it's more about winning their white Christian nationalist culture war which they've been hilariously losing because education and reality skew liberal.

When I was in school they cut education spending every year by some amount. When I was in college they made charter schools for white flight. When I went to law school they created vouchers for private schools to strip public schools of needed resources. It's always some new fight. Now they're back to old school fights like banning books. Surprising they're bringing libraries back in, shits old school. If anything its absolutely going to backfire and maybe even increase library goers. But make no mistake this is just an attack on education, making people feel unsafe going to a place where they can get resources.


u/JuanPabloElSegundo 5d ago


u/feelthepan 5d ago

"We did everything we could."


u/hokis2k 5d ago

"we did the bare minimum so we could say we did something"

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u/jpop237 5d ago edited 5d ago

They're banning, and likely burning, the books they don't agree with, too.


u/ArrVeePee 5d ago

Definitely burning. There is a fantastic new docu-series on Netflix called 'Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet'.

One of the episodes features a woman that helped organise the Charlottesville rallies. She has now broke free of the alt right, and she talks us through her experience including book burnings they had, with accompanying video footage.

Other eps include Seth Rich murder, Sexploitaition, and Swattings. Well worth a gander, imo.


u/horseren0ir 5d ago

I saw this video of a guy showing up to a book burning and he starts burning bibles, then kisses the guy he came with, absolute mad lad


u/changing-life-vet 5d ago

Find the link dude!


u/justinknechtel 5d ago

Stumbled across this show today. It’s fantastic, I hope it keeps going.

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u/Neogodhobo 5d ago

So a bunch of white nationalist gang intimidating people in a library were followed by police ? Seems normal to me.


u/oom199 5d ago

Off duty cops escorted by on duty cops.


u/tiefling_sorceress 5d ago

They tend to stick with their own

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u/silam39 5d ago

Honestly it's a bit redundant to talk about a white nationalist gang and the police as if they were two separate entities.


u/inspectoroverthemine 5d ago

We need the black panthers to make a comeback.


u/Neogodhobo 5d ago

There's definitely a need for a group to counter these. I remember in my youth, we drove off the white-skinhead out of our neighborhood . We were street punks (homeless) and every day almost we were fighting them, throwing cocktail Molotov in their windows and harassing them.

After a decade or so they went away. This was in Hochelaga area of Montreal in the 90s. A real ghetto back then.

But if no vigilante groups opposes these pricks, they'll never leave. So yeah, I'm with you on that !


u/IAMA_Plumber-AMA 5d ago

Make nazis scared again!

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u/temporary1953 5d ago

I think its well past time to officially label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization.


u/iforgotmymittens 5d ago

Canada did.


u/SuckerForFrenchBread 5d ago

One of the official Canadian military twitter accounts also put a post with the #ProudBoys with two male service members kissing.

Actually maybe just one of them is a sailor, the context is that after deployment it's tradition for one person to be reunited with their partner/spouse first [before the rest get off the boat, I presume].


u/oakteaphone 5d ago

I love that people are taking over their hashtag, lmao


u/greenlime_time 5d ago

They hate it when people laugh at them. It’s highly encouraged behavior.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago



u/booze_clues 5d ago

It’s insane how many people think the hells angels are just a bunch of dudes who ride motorcycles together. They’re responsible for sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and plenty of murder.


u/Matrix17 5d ago

I always find it funny when people expect they have a right to enter another country. No, you don't just get to enter Canada because you showed up. You have to show you aren't a piece of shit first


u/SiscoSquared 5d ago

The bar for travel between countries is pretty damn low too in many cases, so getting rejected is probably very justified lol.

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u/zuzg 5d ago

Canada being the one more reasonable sibling whose terrified while watching his brother slowly turning into a Facist


u/spindoc 5d ago

We actually have more than our fair share of right-wing nut jobs who desperately want their own J6. They got pushed out of Ottawa the first time but they’re coming back in force for Canada Day.


u/Empigee 5d ago

No joke, national security officials in Canada have labeled the United States a "potential source of instability."


u/whoisearth 5d ago

Most sane nations have at this point. It's doubly sad the amount of people online America continues to be insulated from how their batshit shenanigans are viewed around the world. I wish Biden had the balls to do a state of the union and tell all Americans their nation is viewed as a source of instability by its closest allies.


u/Witchy_Woman42 5d ago

I see it and I wish I could get out but I'm broke as hell. Not looking forward to getting killed by these Nazi assholes for being openly trans.


u/whoisearth 5d ago

I feel for you. Hugs. Remember there's lots of us out there that accept you we just may not be able to make the change you need (ie. Not American).

For the Americans here please listen to /u/Witchy_Woman42. Regardless of politics they are saying they don't feel safe just to be themselves. What does that say about your society?

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u/Fthewigg 5d ago

Colin Quinn had a funny joke comparing Canada and the US to Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.


u/dbcanuck 5d ago

Holy shit that’s so appropriate.

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u/diarrheticdolphin 5d ago

And after we do we can start asking why the police tend to shield and protect them.


u/LifeIsDeBubbles 5d ago

Because the police as an institution are racist and hire racists.

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u/Alantsu 5d ago

The cops were giving them fist bumps. Can we include them?


u/caesar____augustus 5d ago

They were probably upset they were on duty because they couldn't participate with their friends

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u/Eswyft 5d ago

The cops support them, did you read the article? They allowed them to scream and yell in a library, sheriff said that's literally ok to do.


u/theClumsy1 5d ago edited 5d ago

That's pretty fucked up.

They basically police endorsed disrupting the peace.

The sheriff’s office added because it’s a public place there was no need for the Proud Boys to be removed

You can be removed from a public office for disturbing the peace... the office needs to be investigated.


u/TheGhostofWoodyAllen 5d ago

A lot of public libraries have their patron conduct written into the local municipal or county code. So if a patron yells and won't shut up and then also won't leave, they can be charged with a misdemeanor. So these cops were likely facilitating the breaking of local law, the same law they are meant to be upholding.

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u/crazyprsn 5d ago

Peace offices not keeping the peace...

Back the Blue, but they won't back you.

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u/Gilffanclub 5d ago

That's like the 1 rule in a library, stfu

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u/nikdahl 5d ago

In the pictures I saw, the cops literally escorting them in, and to the book reading.

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u/earhere 5d ago

Would have to label police departments terrorist organizations too considering they support Proud Boys.


u/LifeIsDeBubbles 5d ago

I mean ......


u/inspectoroverthemine 5d ago

The only reason a venn diagram of proud boys and cops isn't a circle is because the proud boys aren't everywhere yet.


u/TheGhostofWoodyAllen 5d ago

And not every Proud Boy can become a cop. If your eyesight is shitty enough or you have priors, you can't become a cop, but you can still be a Proud Boy.

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u/ItsJonahGee 5d ago

The way these ‘proud boys’ keep turning up at child events worries me. I think their hard drives need checking.


u/5050Clown 5d ago

Considering the fact that whenever they see a drag queen they think it's pornography I think it's safe to say we know what is in their internet search history and who they want checking their hard drives, if you know what I mean. I'm not talking about file storage. Wink wink


u/Deep90 5d ago

Meanwhile child beauty pageants are thriving.


u/KJBenson 5d ago

I will always believe that the organizers or child pageants are pedos. There’s no other explanation.


u/Yashkovich 5d ago Silver

What about if they do a pre-pageant song about how they don’t diddle kids?


u/KJBenson 5d ago

Well I didn’t know that was an option, so I guess I have something to consider.


u/Financial_Bird_7717 5d ago

Would you like an egg in these trying times?


u/_MFBroom 5d ago

I've been poisoned by my constituents!


u/211XTD 5d ago

I need to boil my denim first


u/chiefkiefnobeef 5d ago

Just be careful not to boil the denim chicken.

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u/dewhashish 5d ago

Do i look suspicious?

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u/DarthZealous 5d ago

There is no quicker way for people to think you are diddling kids than by writing a song about it!


u/InerasableStain 5d ago

We gotta definitely write a song about how we do not diddle kids. 🎵🎵🎵”Do not diddle kids….It’s no good diddling kids…I wouldn’t do it with anybody younger than my daughter….”🎵🎵🎵


u/BrittyPie 5d ago

I literally sang this in my head in Frank's voice, picturing his weird little dance too.

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u/BetaThetaPirate 5d ago

Frank is that you?


u/finalmantisy83 5d ago

That's Doctor to you, Dr. Mantis Tobbogan

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u/greengrinningjester 5d ago

Only if they clearly specify that they wouldn't do it with anyone younger then their daughter and older then their wife.

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u/wol 5d ago

My daughter did dance. Not the same level but very similar. What I learned quickly is most of the moms are living through their kids and will spend crazy money. The organizers know this and are cashing in. What's crazy too is most of the big prizes they were competing for was a "scholarship" to come back next time for free. But it worked.. my wife and daughter were so excited she won it..

Anyways, don't underestimate the money behind these things.


u/transmogrify 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

What about teen pageant owners who like to catch teenagers naked backstage and still brag about it years later to Howard Stern? People like that might be pedos too.


u/KJBenson 5d ago

Sounds like a definite to me. Whoever it is you’re talking about….


u/JarlaxleForPresident 5d ago

That only sounds cool if i can make their personality my identity. Maybe i could make art turning them into captain america while having their name on everything i drive


u/fd6270 5d ago

Prequiste for the GOP nomination these days

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u/Butterball_Adderley 5d ago

You are right to believe that because it’s true. Think about how much you’d have to want to see a child in makeup to come out and say “let’s have a children’s beauty pageant”. Like, isn’t that a really weird thing that only a pedo would do?

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u/BigOleJellyDonut 5d ago

My first apartment back in the 80's my neighbor was a Drag Queen. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He came from money and did so much volunteering at the local level. Everyone who met him absolutely loved him. He would go buy a ton of toys for the Marines "Toys for Tots", donate large amounts of supplies at the animal shelter. He would visit the Hospice and talk with people who had no family. He told me his was an embarrassment to his wealthy father and he paid him to stay away from the family business. (Big Tobacco). His mother was a good woman too. She would visit and stay for several months at a time. People need to stop judging people they haven't ever met.

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u/Beaser 5d ago

Fuck this. Who goes to the public library to intimidate women and children?!


u/Yousoggyyojimbo 5d ago

Proud Boys, repeatedly.

Punching down is pretty much all they know.


u/AdrianBrony 5d ago

They recruit by shooting propaganda that makes them look intimidating and strong. Which is why they mostly only pick easy targets that can't fight back. As long as they look tacticool and scary, it serves their purposes.

But focusing on how they're incompetent LARPers who fall apart at even mild pushback unless they have cops on their side really hurts their recruitment.


u/spiritualien 5d ago

But if you ask the proud boys, they would tell you white men are the ones who are oppressed

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u/HunterRoze 5d ago

Well only when their cop pals are there to protect them

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u/Nipplecunt 5d ago

It’s pathetic

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u/Longjumping_Tea_8586 5d ago

Adult males who accurately refer to themselves as boys.


u/AthkoreLost 5d ago


Specifically cowards named the Proud Boys.

They had the fucking cops protect them while they harassed families and children.

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u/ReverseApacheMaster_ 5d ago Silver Wholesome Seal of Approval

I work at a library and kinda our whole deal is to make kids feel like they have a safe place. I mean we obviously do a lot of other stuff but that’s one of the big ones.

If these jabronies showed up to one of our summer events for the kids, I would lose it. I’d either get jumped by them or arrested by the jackwagon cops who gave them safe passage because there’s zero chance I’d just sit there and let kids feel uncomfortable. This isn’t even a tough guy moment; I’m decidedly not a tough guy, but everyone has to draw a line somewhere in the sand. Fuck ‘em.


u/Lanthemandragoran 5d ago

Pocket sand. Draw a line in the pocket sand and throw it.


u/CliveGingerberg 5d ago

Jabronies. Cool word.


u/shah_reza 5d ago

That’s it. Too few of us draw lines in the sand. They’ll cower and complain and retreat but not confront and overcome them. The war of attrition favors them, and they’ll have lists of people having committed “crimes” once their autocrat is in place.

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u/Spankyfister 5d ago

These assholes have been searching their whole life, since high school ended, to feel special again. Fucking sad.. .


u/Rage_Like_Nic_Cage 5d ago edited 5d ago

But in a statement the sheriff’s office says there was no disturbance.

“They were like yelling obscenities about how their tax money was being spent on pornography and drag queens,” Kahney said. “There was shouting, it was loud. Like their attempt was to intimidate and create a disruption and that’s exactly what they did.”Jones agreed saying, “they definitely disturbed us.”

Oh look, the cops covering for fascist terrorists. What a fucking surprise

EDIT: Is starting to look like the Cops fucking escorted the proud boys into the library/reading time


u/Yousoggyyojimbo 5d ago edited 5d ago

Pretty much two things caught my eye about this story. The first, that the police account and the public witness accounts do not match up at all, and the second is that this shows that the proud boys are going to be doing this intimidation shit as a regular thing.

They are specifically targeting places like libraries for being inclusive and by all accounts seem to be planning to continue to do this.


u/passinghere 5d ago

Don't forget the fact that it's very highly suspected that a lot of the police fully support or are members of Proud Boys and other extreme right wing terrorist groups.

The old saying about "some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses" is still very true today


u/nzodd 5d ago

The only inaccurate part of that lyric turned out to be the "some of those" bit. Turns out the entire bunch is spoiled.


u/gsfgf 5d ago

Plenty of cops are neutral on fascism and are only there for the overtime. They won't waste a Friday night going to a Klan rally, but they'll shoot protesters while they're already at work. The whole banality of evil thing.

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u/Jaded_Prompt_15 5d ago

The first, that the police account and the public witness accounts do not match up at all,

Unfortunately that's normal.

There's cops still on the job that aren't allowed to testify in court because they've lied so much... Still allowed to be cops, just not allowed to go to court. So the only arrests they make that count are when they suspect is pressured into a plea deal.


u/Masterweedo 5d ago

That like 90% of cases.

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u/fresnosmokey 5d ago

I suspect many police forces and sheriff departments are full of proud boys, or belong to similar groups, or are sympathizers. Law enforcement is fascist at it's core.

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u/PPQue6 5d ago

Remember folks the police aren't your friends, and they aren't out there to help you.

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u/HunterRoze 5d ago

I also want to make sure that people know - there is evidence that the police not only did nothing to stop this, they seem to have escorted the racists, and I am sure some of them friends and family of the cops - INTO THE EVENT!!!!


u/millos15 5d ago

of course, some of them are very likely co workers

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u/GoldenFalcon 5d ago

I wouldn't feel safe if a terrorist group showed up at something/somewhere I was attending either.


u/CirrusPuppy 5d ago

Yeah I'd be scared if I saw those white nationalists psychopaths anywhere in my vicinity too.

I'm hoping more organizations will label them as a terrorist group here in the US, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I think it's more likely I'll see flying pigs.


u/Aspect-of-Death 5d ago Helpful

Cops in my city have helicopters so I get to see flying pigs on the daily.


u/LostWoodsInTheField 5d ago

Cops in my city have helicopters so I get to see flying pigs on the daily.


I'm really disappointed that I've never heard this joke, or thought of it.

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u/LifeIsDeBubbles 5d ago

The other day I went to a salon where it was very clear to anyone with eyes that almost every person in the salon (stylist and customer alike) was queer. My stylist and I were having just regular small talk and I mentioned that I have been watching the hearings. She immediately leans down and whispers to me that another stylist's client across the room is a huge crazy maga-trumper as a way of like warning me not to say anything that might offend them. I thought to myself how weird that was. One, it's weird that a room full of queer people feel compelled to tiptoe on eggshells around a person who is brainwashed into a cult so as not to offend them, and two, it's weird because I, as a queer, sane (ish) person would never in a million years ever go to an establishment for a service when I could tell that everybody at that establishment were white nationalist proud boys. So strange.


u/CirrusPuppy 5d ago

Yeah, that feels blatantly antagonistic. What are the odds these idiots do that just to get a rise out of people whose brains aren't full of holes?

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u/PrehistoricDawg69420 5d ago

Why aren't these dick heads kicking down the doors of child beauty pageants? Or are there just not enough gay people to be shitty to there?


u/Sendmeyourcatfeet 5d ago

Because they hate gayness, not sexualizing children.

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u/MadPiglet42 5d ago

Because the pageants are where they go to find girlfriends.


u/JennJayBee 5d ago

You joke, but Roy Moore's wife literally first caught his eye at her dance recital.


u/MadPiglet42 5d ago

Y'know, I'm not entirely sure I am joking. I wish it were something we could joke about, but it happens far too often.

Maybe it's more of "if I try to make this funny, it will be less horrifying?"


u/LostWoodsInTheField 5d ago

Donald Trump at one point said of a 10 year old “I’m going to be dating her in 10 years”. He ran child beauty pageants.

Oh, and he and the girls confirmed he use to walk in on the teen pageant participants to look at them change cloths.

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u/The_specialist_angle 5d ago To The Stars

Oh. So NOW YOU CAN BREATHE THROUGH CLOTH?? Can't wear a mask to save lives, can wear one to terrify children.

You're the baddies.


u/HunterTAMUC 5d ago

Wow, almost like having a fascist militia coming into a room to intimidate people under the guise of "protecting the children" isn't a good thing. Whodathunkit?


u/BrownSugarBare 5d ago

You mean a bunch of happy drag queens attempting to promote literacy in America weren't the threat and it was a bunch of micro penis gun toting sociopaths with repressed sexuality who were actually a threat to these kids? Whodathunkit?

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u/Born_Transition2207 5d ago

Those are the people who peaked at high school, where they would bully the younger, smaller kids. The proudBOYS is a support group for the socially weak and emotionally stunted. Pathetic.


u/Flimsy_Demand7237 5d ago

As someone who works in a library overseas, all I can say is I have no idea how any American thinks this is normal or remotely acceptable, or even that this has a possibility of happening. This is so disturbing and bizarre.


u/Yousoggyyojimbo 5d ago

It makes more sense when you understand that a lot of americans value punishing people from groups that aren't like them more than they value things like public decency, safety, education etc.

Hate is a disease, and the US is sick.

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u/MassholeLiberal56 5d ago

Testing the waters. These people are neo-Brownshirts


u/jimtow28 5d ago

“They were like yelling obscenities about how their tax money was being spent on pornography and drag queens,” Kahney said. “There was shouting, it was loud. Like their attempt was to intimidate and create a disruption and that’s exactly what they did.”

I'd bet none of the children they were terrorizing have ever even heard of pornography or drag queens. Well, they hadn't until Cleetus and his band of fragile yokels showed up and started screaming about it during storytime.


u/Straight_Ace 5d ago

So let me get this straight, a violent gang walks into a library to terrify small children, shouting about inappropriate topics such as pornography around said children, and somehow they think they’re the good guys? That’s fucked


u/Nameless_American 5d ago

“A violent gang were escorted by local police into a library to terrify small children” just a small correction.


u/dkyg 5d ago

That’s republican!

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u/Gax63 5d ago

How the fuck is it that a terrorist organization that planned the Jan 6 attack on the capital, is still allowed to show up anywhere?


u/Matasa89 5d ago

Because their dear leader can still run for presidency and will be soon? No consequences was ever handed out for straight up criminal acts and they even gotten 3 Supreme Court justices out of that run.

The nation is already in their hands, people just haven’t fully noticed it yet. You’ve slid into fascism without realizing it, and soon it will happen again.

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u/AndShesNotEvenPretty 5d ago Silver

I love that the Proud Boys think it was their tax dollars that were being used to fund this.

Last I checked, the people in attendance are taxpayers too.


u/nataphoto 5d ago

How much does reading a book to children cost anyway? I’m doing the math in my head, and I’m coming back with “probably nothing”.


u/ProtoJazz 5d ago

At most probably an hour or two of min wage

But realistically probably nothing. The people reading either are working there already, thus not costing extra, or usually are just volunteers.

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u/Thunder_Gun_Xpress 5d ago

It's hilarious how these LARPing dipshits think they're white knights when in reality they're far right fascists whose ideology definitely shouldn't be exposed to children

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u/Commyforce867 5d ago

I keep seeing a lot of comments about drag queens with various users accusing this being about drag queens reading to kids. Nowhere in this article does it mention a drag queen reading to kids. Further, I did a bit more looking into this and it was simply a pride related event where two books "Daddy and Dada" and "Heather Has Two Mommies" were read along with some activities. So just want to clear out the constant drag queen stuff being brought into this topic.


u/chewinchawingum 5d ago

Honestly, those same people won't care -- they'll just immediately pivot to saying this is "grooming." You can't reach them with facts and logic.


u/[deleted] 5d ago

We need to bring back that thing where gay couples co-opted the Proud Boys title. That was a much better use of the phrase over these dickheads.


u/Metrosecksulol 5d ago

Well yeah, because they are terrorists.


u/Matt-McCormick 5d ago

Oh now they want to wear masks…..

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u/UltraMegaMegaMan 5d ago

Deputy: "Hello Ralph."
Proud Boy: "Hello Fred."
Deputy: "See you at work."
Proud Boy: "Yep."

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u/tiffanaih 5d ago edited 5d ago

This makes me irrationally angry. The libraries are supposed to be safe spaces, the one by me has a sign outside the door.

The library is also the only way I was able to educate myself outside my aggressive conservative home life. And I'm not talking sexual identity which is what these guys are so mad about, I'm talking basic shit I needed to know as a young girl. I'm talking actual world history not my father's white washing version of it.

The thought of screaming at children about how the library is objectifying them when conservative and Christian facilities are known child abusers...I just can't fathom being so out of touch with reality. These people need to be removed from society. They are unstable.

And the police walking them...mixed with what were leaning about Uvalde. gut them. Remove them all. They're an embarrassment.


u/cobeast 5d ago

Freedom to live exactly as we say...


u/jpiro 5d ago

Proud Boys still hiding their faces, I see. Makes you think maybe they're not so proud after all.


u/SkunkMonkey 5d ago

And you can bet every last one of them refused to wear a mask during the pandemic because they couldn't breath or breed. (reference to mouthbreeders)

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u/deadface3405 5d ago

These men are the USA equivalent of the Taliban.


u/ShadooTH 5d ago

Buncha pussies. Fuck em all.


u/SaxMusic23 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Apparently, a person walking through a neighborhood yelling too loud about nothing can be arrested for "public disturbance," but a group of people doing the same while entering a public building with the purpose of interfering with a children's event can't be?


u/Zebra971 5d ago

The goal it to scare the children these are bullies.


u/MarketingFilms 5d ago

The sheriff’s office added because it’s a public place there was no need for the Proud Boys to be removed.

We have very different understandings about how a public place is treated.

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u/jackrave 5d ago

Can we just start jailing these asshats for identifying as proud boys since they’re potential terrorists?


u/LewisEFurr 5d ago

I would love to see a counter group form like BACA who help provide safe passage.


u/Yousoggyyojimbo 5d ago

The counter group should be the FBI. We have a group that actively engaged in sedition, has been seeing members charged as such, and is a recognized terrorist organization in other countries, operating in the United States.

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u/LockheedMartinLuther 5d ago

Republicans: “Drag queens? Won’t somebody think of the children! Get me to my fainting chair!”

Also Republicans: “This unrepentant serial rapist who openly lusted after his own ten-year-old daughter, cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star, and bragged about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’ totally shares my traditional conservative values and should be elected president for life!”

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u/ymmotvomit 5d ago

How proud can you be if you won’t show your face?

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u/nightfox5523 5d ago

Modern day brown shirts.