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"The Lost Footage" (Grey Poupon Commercial) Removed: Not NFL

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u/Portrait_Robot Nov 27 '22

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u/graybaerd Nov 27 '22

A friend of mine in college kept a small jar in his glove compartment…. Just in case.


u/lynivvinyl Nov 27 '22

Am I your friend?


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

Me too! My dad gave it to me when I got my first car.


u/moparmajba Nov 27 '22

Complete with Wilhelm scream!


u/Dragoon7748 Nov 27 '22

Hah, thats awesome. Its also decent mustard.


u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

It's pretty goddamn good. Mostly made in Canada now not France


u/mtaw Nov 27 '22

The GP sold in the EU is made in France, the GP sold in North America is made there.


u/Gary_Vigoda Nov 27 '22

I live in Alberta. I was surprised to find out we provide like 80% of the world's mustard seed.



u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

I heard that too. The Dijon area are suffering with lack of farm land and other issues. Thanks for the mustard Canada!


u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

Yeah I think NPR or some radio I listened to was saying that the djon area in France was having some troubles growing mustard due to climate and loss of farm land or something so actual djon sourced mustard was becoming more rare.


u/JamesFromToronto Nov 27 '22 Evil Cackle

I think if it's not made in France it's actually just sparkling mustard.


u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

hah .. like Scotch has to be made in Scotland ;)


u/Dragoon7748 Nov 27 '22

I prefer a German brown myself, but especially in the 80s in the US, Grey Poupon was about the best you could get.


u/mtaw Nov 27 '22

Grey Poupon is my favorite Dijon. It's more vinegar-y than most but I like that about it.

Wouldn't really compare one kind of mustard to another; American yellow mustard vs Dijon, English, German, even Scandinavian ones are all very different, it all comes down to personal taste but also what you're eating it with.


u/Dragoon7748 Nov 27 '22

I did have some absolutely excellent Danish mustard when I was in Greenland years ago. I cant bring myself to call American Yellow a mustard though. Its awful


u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

I'm a fan of most mustards. I still go back to the ol Colman's mustard powder and mix up my own from time to time. Like add capers or white wine vinegar.

I remember once working at a kitchen this guy was mixing the vinaigrette in a giant mixer with giant can of djon and vinegar and he spilled it on his arm and got a freaking chemical burn he went to the hospital. That was some kick ass salad dressing :)


u/Same-Salamander8690 Nov 27 '22

After 2 Girls 1 Cup, I don't think I'll ever be able to take the phrase "German brown" seriously


u/tehoperative Nov 27 '22

I’m endlessly fascinated with the Germans unending love of strange pornography.


u/squaredistrict2213 Nov 27 '22

This is the best thing I’ve ever watched


u/ascii122 Nov 27 '22

High Class Blues Brothers!


u/Comfortable_Key_6904 Nov 27 '22

Would you please pass the jelly?


u/bsamiam45 Nov 27 '22

Love that!


u/Cahhs-Sem-Tyetsr Nov 27 '22

Sounds like Don LaFontaine narrating? Miss that guy... movies are boring now without him hyping up their trailers


u/boboc1234 Nov 27 '22

https://youtu.be/tvTRZJ-4EyI at 2:09. Is this from that?


u/Zealousideal-Yak-824 Nov 27 '22

It's like a real life family guy episode.


u/Wicked-Pineapple Nov 27 '22

There is poupon everything (iykyk)


u/Clean_Resort_5547 Nov 27 '22

One of The cars from that commercial is in a museum in my town, at the cars of yesteryear museum in Radcliffe


u/Betseybutwhy Nov 27 '22

Bahahahahahaha. That was freakin' brilliant.


u/Chungus_The_Rabbit Nov 27 '22

This is amazing. I’ve never seen this full version. Thank you!


u/jebanisa Nov 27 '22

Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!


u/originalbrowncoat Nov 27 '22

It’s hip it’s cool it’s Noah’s Arcade!


u/Gorilla1492 Nov 27 '22

Is this real?


u/Working_Peach5661 Nov 27 '22

Where did they go man why did they stop? I want more.


u/Flair_Helper Nov 27 '22

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