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Discussion Questions Thread - May 18, 2022


Questions Thread

This is a general question thread on. You can find the previous question threads here.

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We'd like to thank those who answered questions in the last thread! You guys are the best.

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Livethread (Closed) 3.18 League Info Megathread


Looking for the Leaks Megathread?

Leaks megathread can be found here: OldReddit | NewReddit

Formatting supported best when viewed via wiki.

Editor's note: /u/blvcksvn will be doing Livethread notes for the Baeclast, but she will be starting a little late due to schedule conflicts

Latest Info (updated daily)

Official News

Meta News

New League Breakdown - Sentinel League

Dark Sentinels have awoken. These Corrupted (not Vaal) Constructs can be bound to your will, combined and reconfigured. Some sentinels are powerful, others are dangerous.

Sentinels can be collected while playing or from Sentinel Caches and deployed. They fire beams that empower enemies (damage, damage reduction) and increase their rewards. Lower rarity enemies receive greater buffs.

  • Stalker Sentinels: follow for 30 seconds and dissipate. Like Breach or Delirium effect. Control how much empowered.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels: one trigger, empowers a large group of enemies and chains between them.
  • Apex Sentinels: empowers rare or unique enemies, much higher impact.

Start with one slot. Can unlock up to two more, one of each kind. Can be deployed once per map. Sentinels cannot be damaged but gradually deplete power. Empty Husks can be crafted.

  • Magic Sentinels can increase duration, empowerment, and # of targets. Some mods add specific rewards but increases empowerment. Rare Sentinels are much more powerful and scale towards endgame. Most powerful mods can only be crafted via combining. Examples here and here

Power Cores let you assemble a new sentinel with a full charge by destroying two sentinels. The combined sentinel will combine old mods, upgrade them, or create new ones.

Cannot be used in Unique Maps, Simulacrum, and Pinnacle Atlas Bosses.

Specialized Power Cores modify the outcomes of specific results.

Sentinel Controller

Unique Sentinels


Sentinel Locker

Stores Power Cores and Sentinels for free. Includes stash affinity.

General Changes & Game Balance

Endgame Atlas Improvements

Uber Pinnacle Bosses

Atlas Keystones

20 New Atlas Keystones. - 14 non-Uber keystones

Revamped Monster Modifiers

  • Rare Monsters modifiers have been replaced by an Archnemesis mod across the whole pack, with minions getting one mod and Rare Monsters getting 2+
  • Some Archnemesis mods have been rebalanced

Skill Gems


New Uniques

Pinnacle Unique Items (4/5)

  • Thread of Hope (Uber) - Uber Sirus - Massive Ring
  • Forbidden Jewels (Uber) - Uber Eater/Exarch - Exclusive Ascendancy Passives e.g. Nine Lives
  • Sublime Vision - Uber Shaper - Aura effect, additional bonus while affected by X Aura, disables all other Aura skills
  • [One more reworked item - Uber Elder or Cortex?]

Boss Kill Race Uniques (5/5)

  • Eater/Exarch, Lightee - Coming in 3.19
  • Impossible Escape - (Maven, Steelmage) - passives in Radius of a specific Keystone can be allocated
  • The Eternal Struggle - (Black Star/Hunger, Dsfarblarwaggle) - 2 random Eldritch implicits, higher tier/Dominance is based on which boss drops it - Malignant Madness/15% Culling Strike based on Dominance
  • Call of the Void - (Uber Elder, Lightee) - all damage can chill, all enemies chilled by your hits Shatter, you are chilled on hit, enemy damage reduced based on hit chill effect
  • Echoes of Creation - (Shaper, Lightee) - extra use of Warcry, take Phys damage when exerting Attacks, more damage per Warcry affecting Exerted Attacks
  • The Burden of Truth - (Sirus, Lightee) - Life as ES, partial bypass/non-bypass of Chaos Damage, Supreme Decadence (Life Flasks apply to ES)

Reworked Uniques

New Div Cards (12/12)


Kirac Vault Pass 2 - 8 skins.

Supporter Pack Effects

  • Arcanist:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on Resistance
    • 1: Ring changes leveup effect
    • 2: Hideout changes between Day and Night
    • 2: Map Device blossoms greater intensity base don map tier
    • 2: Wisdom Scrolls creates books
    • 3: Weapon effect - Stuns knocks enemies' souls out of body
    • 3: Quicksilver Flask explode and set players on fire
  • Reaper:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on # killed enemies
    • 1: Flasks cause bloodsucking insects to appear on character
    • 2: Medi Drone pet fires a healing beam while you are recovering life
    • 2: Graveyard hideout changes fire colour
    • 2: Portal Effect based on Map Tier
    • 3: Ring Effect exorcises enemies on spell crit
    • 3: Grim Reaper apparition appears on killing Rare/Unique enemies

Media Coverage

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Information Patch 3.18.0c Invulnerable is gone crabrave

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Fluff Sir, Sir? Please Slow Down, Sir.

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Feedback Blight towers need some love, new mods are too strong for them to handle.

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Question Can someone explain what this is??? It literally just oneshot me and it had the permafrost and malediction mod.

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Discussion The game feels much better when you just ignore any rare that takes more then 5 seconds to kill


I have been doing t14-16 maps with around 1m dps on an rf build, and decided to speedrun some maps for maven boss witnessing. After just running through the maps, killing what I can, and ignoring what doesn't die when I run by, the game felt so much smoother. It wasn't like I was even missing out on any loot anyway, sentinels make more then enough for map sustain, and the random rares never really drop anything to make it worth spending half the time in the map to kill the 2-3 that are tankier then everything else in the map combined.

TLDR: If something has its hp bar barely move when you hit it, just ignore it. Not worth the time or effort.

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Feedback Why is effigy even a thing?


I was doing a t16 map, jumped into a pack consisting of several rares and other mobs, and immidiately died. Now my first thought was "ok, so these mobs are very strong. I should be more careful", and died twice trying to carefully pick away mobs on the edge of this convergence of mobs. I got annoyed, and tried to read mods on a 3mod rare i thought could have killed me, but (because mousing over a moving enemy for long enough to comprehend their modifiers btw [especially when you also have to use the mouse to move and attack] ) he moved and i accidentally saw mods on a different mob. And it had effigy. Which the giant mass of mobs taunted on while i tried to carefully approach them, and i wouldn't have realised and used up all the portals thinking it was just too rippy. What even is that mod ggg? I thought you wanted slower, more tactical gameplay, and instead you add a mod that says "kill me/everyone in 2 seconds or you dead lol", while just identifying it is there takes several attempts(deaths). You ramp up the difficulty of the game while punishing not immidiately killing everything on the screen. Now imagine this effigy mob was super tanky, and was accompanied by some other super tanky mods. Then it's not just "it's not worth the reward" but a "i need to get out of their sight asap". It's not fun.

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Tool [LOOTFILTER] NeverSink's itemfilter & FilterBlade - V8.6.1 - Sentinel League Finetuning


This patch implements better sentinel filtering in the endgame, improvements to fractured items treatment, essence items treatment and all the retiering required to represent the currency meta much better! Enjoy and happy farming!


Updating and the Auto-Updater:


Source Description
FilterBlade.xyz (DOWNLOAD) Recommended. All strictness, styles and economy versions! Includes overview, explanations and a loot simulator. Experienced users can also edit filters there comfortably and merge their changes into new versions. Always up-to-date!
POE site filter list You can subscribe to my POE filter account to receive free auto-updates. However, you can't customize these and it has no style support! Comes in SC/HC economy versions.
GitHub Mostly for developers

FilterBlade Preview & Changelogs

Thanks to

  • /u/Tobnac and Haggis - the 2 others minds behind filterblade great friends

  • A massive thank you to all the PATREONS! (list pending)

  • A special thanks to my DISCORD and TWITCH community!


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Information Impossible Escape allows you to "escape" Elegant Hubris's downside. Shown is 400% damage using only 8 passives (Pain Attunement location).

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Feedback 3 Minions left over from an Invulnerable Rare Mob. Rare mob killed, white mobs remain. Immune to damage. This is fine.

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Question Why can't we get map icons for strong boxes like every other similar mechanic?


I love the mechanic. But it feels so bad having to hunt for them while you get to see rogue chests, sentinel chests, essence and all the other things from screens away. What's the logic behind this?

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Video | Alk RIP#2 for Archnemsis

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Item Showcase +1 Frenzy amethyst ring

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Discussion I love this game but it's too time consuming


I love this game to death but I'm no longer a teen and don't have 6 hours a day(being conservative here) to burn away on it.

It feels like when you only play 1-2 hours a day you're really making no progress.

Anyone else feels this way ?

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Information Armour Recombinator just gave me Ghost Dance

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Item Showcase RF Shield ?



Hi guys , kinda new to reddit. I tried to recombinate some shields and finaly got this. Looks insane to me but i'm not sure since i'm not a gigachad poe player. What do you guys think ?

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Discussion Archnemesis ruins the game


The new rare mods are completely destroying the experience for me. Rares are disruptive and annoying instead of challenging and rewarding. They drop way to little loot for how hard they are and its impossible to keep track of each mod and what it does. Harvest which is my favourite mechanic is borderline unplayable and Im getting to the point where I cant be bothered and will probably quit the league unless something drastic is done. I even missed the first few days and watched the shitstorm on here and thought to myself "it cant be that bad"... It was exactly that bad! I couldve easily endured a shitty league mechanic and nerfs but there is no way around this since its literally everywhere in the entire game. The core game was absolutely amazing in 3.17 so why fix what isn't broken?

I've said this in the past but arbitrarily making the game harder doesnt make it more fun. Especially when its not made harder by being more challenging. Theyve just added a lot of random unavoidable one shots. I dont want to be forced to play a champion to not die a couple times every single map. Although I know it will never happen I still wish they would revert this change completely because its that shitty imo. Just nerfing it until it no longer matters is an option but then what the heck was the point of doing it in the first place.

To conclude I just think this is a really tone deaf change by GGG and although I think they know what they are doing and probably had this thought through it makes me a tiny bit worried. Sometimes it feels like they dont know what makes PoE the amazing game that it is.

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Item Showcase What have I created?


I was messing around with the armor recombinators earlier today and I made some gloves that do some things. These are good right? Should I use them? Should I sell them? How much are these worth? I have so many questions.


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Feedback Dear GGG, I like relaxing :)


This game has always been the type that acts like a pseudo-therapy for me. I typically progress my build up to a point where I can peacefully throw an alch on a map, toss it in the map device, lay back, and farm away.

With the latest update, however, It feels like my relaxing day in Wraeclast has turned into one which I am consistently attacked by bees. This is in the form of the Archnemesis modifier known as Toxic (or any other modifiers that spawn balls of poison).

Toxic (in my opinion) is found much too commonly in maps. On average, I would say that I have to avoid about 10-30 balls of poison per map.

Now I didn't mind volatile dead as much because it felt uncommon. Maybe 1-2 spawns every 2-4 maps.

I am getting flashbacks from middle school when bullies would throw dodgeballs at me. (I am a nerd with glasses)

Please reconsider and make toxic(or any other modifiers that spawn balls of poison) appear slightly less frequently.

Thanks for your time,

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Discussion Ever content creators don't seem to think Archnemesis is good for the game.


We often like to say that the game is balanced around those who play it for a living, but if even they aren't happy who exactly was this made for?

Tarke's take:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLMdrFZcQZw
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThYO9iJqItM

Zizaran's take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MCRiS_voyw

Ghazzy's take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhCep3w6b9s

Big Ducks take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EM-aBkOVPI

Sirgog's take: Part 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MiR3L_ABSg Part 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy6FpddYZFE

Substractem's take(positive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOURBnfP75Y

Trip0larbear's take

If a content creator you follow posted his/hers thoughts feel free to link it and I will update the thread. Doesn't matter if the take is positive or negative, I always believe that both sides should have a voice.

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Discussion I feel poor AF this league


Doing the same content as last league minus Essence, running strong boxes, shrines, harbinger, Expedition. Going to start branching into the exarch areas of the trees as well

At this point in the league for 3.17 I had multiple EX from drops and from accumulation of currency/items

I’ve accumulated maybe 1.5 EX this league so far. Constantly running out of alchs to buy maps from Kirac. I’ve found maybe 10 total Vaal orbs

Am I running the wrong content to make currency? Everything feels so much less rewarding, was there some big nerf im not aware of?

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Feedback I'm tired of having to loot out for death effects/ ground effects


As the title said, the number of damaging ground effects in this league is just absurd. It not only hurts my character but also hurts me physically. My eyes are tired of having to constantly focus on what are on the screen looking out for any shit that thrown at me, my hand is hurt because I have to click more and faster to escape those effects. It is even worse for some contents. For example : You are doing blighted map. You have to move, deal damage, build tower, watch out 8 lanes at the same time and then a random cold snap ground or 8 green toxic bubbles just spawn out of no where and kill you in half a second (also fk Juggernaut). Now you have a dead exile and a bricked map. We have fire ground, ice ground, lightning ground, toxic ground, desercrate ground, rainbow ground, how can we stand it all GGG?

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Fluff Grimro EMOTIONAL Damage

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Discussion Xbox launch delayed with no word or ETA


I recognize that it’s probably an issue with Microsoft communication, but it still feels bad to see the timer get pushed back only to see the new countdown pass with no update or word from GGG. I also totally understand that console is only a fraction of the player base… but we still love and want to support this game. A little console love goes a long way.

Signed, A dedicated console player who is very eager to face the new challenges the league has to offer.

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Item Showcase Hrimsorrow + 2x Temple Mod

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Feedback I'd like to be able to search my inventory if that's not a tech issue, here's a mockup.

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