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Want to support Ukraine? Here's a list of charities by subject



u/borski88 Feb 27 '22

Can you recommend any charities to donate to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland?


u/[deleted] Apr 05 '22

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u/borski88 Apr 05 '22

Thank you


u/Tw_izted Feb 24 '22

wish i could support by buying saint javelin merches, but, thai baht is weaker than canadian dollar here. (my parents wouldn't be happy either)

stay strong, ukrainian friends.


u/ReadPitiful615 May 29 '22

wish i could support by buying saint javelin merches, but, thai baht is weaker than canadian dollar here. (my parents wouldn't be happy either)

stay strong, ukrainian friends.

I think that would be a great idea, but you're right, it's very hard. but I am sure that even a few words in support of Ukraine help a lot!


u/__Precursor__ Mar 02 '22

Hi - I know Ukraine is accepting foreign volunteers, but was wondering if Poland is accepting foreign volunteers to help with humanitarian efforts of refugee assistance?

Edit: my cousin is on his way, but he lives in Europe and I do not


u/5thhorseman_ Mar 13 '22

Generally, if the volunteer is not already in the area and not able to secure his own transport, lodging and upkeep, it's better if they instead stay at home and help by organizing fundraising for charities that handle the humanitarian effort.

It sounds cold, but in that situation they'd be more likely to become part of the crisis than aid with its resolution. The burden on the charities and volunteers handling the humanitarian effort is already insane - not making it worse is helping, after a fashion.

(I'm saying this because we had a few people like this: "I'm XYZ, have no money, trying to reach <half the continent away> to help" or "I'm XYZ, need gofundme so that I can travel to Europe to help"; their hearts are certainly in the right place, but their heads less so)


u/nuke_berlin Mar 02 '22

Only if you're somebody they need - medic, translator, the like.


u/Ciaran123C Feb 23 '22


It has come to my attention that OP listed a group which may have a connection to a far right military group called the ‘Right Sector’. This group is listed here as the ‘Hospitalliers’. Please DON NOT DONATE to this group. Normally I would delete a post with such a link, but there are too many links to humanitarian groups who urgently need help, and so at this time I feel I can’t. All I can say is, please RESEARCH ANY GROUP ON THIS LIST BEFORE DONATING!

Thank You


u/M_President Feb 23 '22

Hospitalliers? Like the Knights who fought in the crusades or is it some kind coincidence?


u/[deleted] Feb 27 '22

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u/Xed_Randon Feb 28 '22

I would like to help with the refugee crisis. Crucially, giving financial aid to the people on the ground.

I found this page from the Poland government website:


There is a list of charities in the Join the action (Przyłącz się do akcji)--financial aid (Pomoc finansowa) tab, to name a few:






https://pck.pl/na-pomoc-ukrainie/ (Polish RedCross)

I would very much prefer the local Humanitarian efforts. However, I don't speak polish. The information I have is based on Google translate.

If anyone here can help with verifying the organisations and give us better insights, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


u/nuke_berlin Mar 01 '22

All the ones listed on https://pomagamukrainie.gov.pl are legit (it's a governmental site, they are careful with checking). Some of the links are directly to the donation pages, like https://pomagam3.wioskisos.org, you should check their main page if you want to find out more (in this case it's https://wioskisos.org - they have a Wiki entry: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stowarzyszenie_SOS_Wioski_Dziecięce).


u/Xed_Randon Mar 02 '22

Thank you very much. I will donate to one of them. I hope our contribution helps.


u/girlsforukraine May 09 '22

Thank you, Poland, for your compassion and generosity in helping those who have been forced to flee their homes. Your support is a shining example of humanity at its best!


u/ice_cream_sandwich_ Feb 26 '22

plugging r/volunteersforukraine for those who want to volunteer personally, or help send volunteers


u/wallynation Feb 28 '22

Hello, I am an American living in Europe with experience volunteering with refugee intake the last immigration crisis. I have helped with organizations in Poland before, however I only speak English. Are there any organizations in Poland that I can volunteer with?


u/Careless_Sir2159 Feb 27 '22

Thank you for this list! 💛💙


u/ElihuAguilar Mar 05 '22

Thank you for this list


u/SaggyPencil Mar 24 '22

money aside, I am looking for any NPO, NGO, or companies that I can join to assist around directly in Poland. Are there any sites or links I can go forward to reach out to?


u/EpicRat88 Apr 08 '22

Thank you all for your help, Poland really appreciates it and I'm sure Ukraine does as well.


u/RenaKenli Apr 14 '22

Don't want to produce a lot of topic, so if you let me i want to say it here. I can't discribe how much greatfull i am for all what you doing to help Ukraine. How much effort you put in it. It is unbelivable, i never expected to see such Humans in my life. Thank you, Poland.


u/girlsforukraine May 09 '22

If you in pomorskie, I recommend this:


u/offshorrrrr May 12 '22



u/Soundeee May 20 '22

I think I can be proud of myself, I with my parents are trying our best to help the refeuges is giving them shelter. Currently we hold a 12 person Ukrainian family in our apartments in łeba, we supply them with food, water and stuff for the newborns, if you want to support refugees, best way is donating to charity organisations or upcoming projects that have in mind building houses for said families.


u/dofactory Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

Hello everyone,

I am working on bringing some doctors to a refugee camp in Poland.

I would come with a truck, 10 tents where the doctors could sleep in half and make a kind of medical mobile tents with the others, during 7 days. Bring there some medical supplies and maybe borrow from inner hospitals some medical equipment.

As I don't want to endanger anyone, i am looking for a camp that would be in Poland, extreme east ? and as we have tents and truck we are very mobile so we could be more efficient in what i call wild camp, where refugees are arriving first. Can you guys advise me on some place to search ?

And what kind of Doctors should i ask to join ? As they are leaving their patients in their city, they need to be efficient. So i thought about doing a first round for a medical check-up, with some generalists doctors and some specialists, and come back for a second round with more appropriate help resulting on the medical check-up.

I would be very grateful to find a contact that is actually in a kind of camp like this.

thank you for any help you can bring in this journey.


u/Hrabia-Szczydoniecki Mar 11 '22

Remember to reconsider before supporting religious organizations. I do not doubt that many of them want to do good, but they can see donating a Bible as important as donating food or medicine.


u/[deleted] Mar 06 '22

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u/[deleted] Apr 04 '22

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u/ReadPitiful615 May 29 '22

I want to express my deep gratitude for such support to Ukraine. Several of my friends died there from military operations. It's really terrible. I never thought that so many people would support Ukraine, give their last, it deserves great respect. I am sure that the Ukrainian people will never forget this.


u/Thinpizzaisbest Jun 04 '22

https://www.mriyaaid.org/ is a Canadian charity that is supported by The Walter Group Twitter Spaces. They have been an amazing resource for Ukraine.


u/Lavadragon15396 Jun 28 '22

This is the most wholesome reddit comments I have ever seen


u/Dear-Cycle-899 Jun 30 '22

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7szGYzghT5iO4MK3PoWQuA?si=61d263276b0140ef my spotify playlist with songs that donate to Ukraine (have their streaming revenue donated according to official wr=ebsites, profiles and description of artists), youtube playlist made of videos doing the same https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-gwI_hg16nXTgd31JpYHFtMSm3RLYRna and to polish fundraiser for Bayraktar https://zrzutka.pl/na-polskiego-bayraktara-dla-armii-ukrainy


u/Extreme_Dealer_7243 Oct 27 '22

Nice post make more like this one Vote post😀👍


u/bandit1640 Nov 16 '22

Get it over, Nuke Russia.


u/backpackingforless Nov 24 '22

They really need warm clothes and blankets. Great list of charities thank you!


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They really need warm

Clothes and blankets. Great list of

Charities thank you!

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u/Nervous-Honeydew3670 Dec 09 '22

There are days when wounded soldiers arrive every half hour. Doctors work non-stop, without sleep, food or a simple cigarette. This is happening today, in the middle of Europe. Heroes live & die. Heroes suffer & bleed. need your help


u/LowlyPaladin2012 17d ago

Hello, I just joined this sub. I know this may be random.

I have a friend who just made it from Cherskay (Ukraine) to I believe Kraków. She made it about a week ago and has a friend she’s staying with but has been discouraged. She has applied daily to many apartments trying to get a place. She’s been denied every time. She does Web Design, was going to university for programming. She has some funds but is trying to get on her feet to work and get stable.

My question is basically. Does anyone here have suggestions?


u/Fireblazing-Grizzly Świętokrzyskie Sep 29 '22

Слава Україні 🇺🇦