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TIL that the Nazis also killed ~1.8 million residents of Poland who were not Jewish, because they considered them racially inferior :(


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u/Silver_Coin_Of_Judas Zachodniopomorskie Nov 27 '22

The fact that some people didn't know about it and thought that only Jews were killed terrify me.


u/Vilkowak Nov 27 '22

In North America people unironically have asked me if I'm Jewish (because they found out I'm Polish)


u/Silver_Coin_Of_Judas Zachodniopomorskie Nov 27 '22



u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

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u/blsterken Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

1.8 million ethnic Poles. If you take the numbers killed from within the pre-war borders of the Second Republic (including Western Ukraine, Western Belarus, and Vilnius Lithuania) the numbers are a lot higher - in the realm of 2.8-3.0 million Polish citizens of all ethnicities. In total, the Polish nation lost about 5.9 million during the war, or 20% of the pre-war population.


u/Bormanov Nov 27 '22

Yea. That's why we are still a bit salty about it.


u/BadgerTamer Nov 27 '22

Honestly I thought this was common knowledge, but I'm glad some people learned now, better late than never.


u/mikpyt Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

yeah, that's kinda why Poles are always pissed off about the whole antisemitic poles helped holocaust thing.

Nazis considered this lebensraum for repopulation and colonization, they killed you if you looked at them wrong.

Makes people A LITTLE BIT more likely to rat each other out.

Spain refuses to hand over jews? cool, whatever. Pole won't budge? bang. Next please. Imagine intro to inglorious bastards but the farmer is already as good as dead for not coming to gestapo first on his own initiative. When they find Jews under the floor during inspection? All dead, no backsies. The farmer, wife, children, burn down the house for good measure.


u/MirrorOfTheSun Nov 27 '22

You learned it today? Wow...


u/that_duckguy Nov 27 '22

And Soviets also killed ~1 mln if not more Poles. Remember that and don't let vatniks say "B-but UPA killed ~150k Poles!!! See they're Nazis!!!!1!1!"

Just point out that Soviets were imperialist and killed far more Poles (unless they just say that those historic facts are CIA propaganda or some shit and call you a nazi)


u/Lef32 Nov 27 '22

One Russian called my great grandfather a nazi because he fought against Soviets in September of 1939, he was (probably) later killed in one of the genocides and his body is probably still somewhere in a Belarusian forest, or Siberia maybe.


u/Kimoczek Nov 27 '22

That's why doing my genealogy tree was almost impossible (I had that as an assigment in primary school).
Family full of young orphans, deportees (not sure how to translate 'zesłaniec') or other unfortunate souls. Most of them were too young to even remember anyone or taken away and the memory faded. Also I'm pretty sure my greatgrandma fabricated a lot of informations for her safety as a lot of things that she told didn't make sense or were just not possible.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

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