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What to do in Poland? Layover on Dec 25


I have a overnight layover in Poland, Warsaw. On December 25 what will be open? Are there any restaurants that I can visit close by to the airport? Is there any sight seeing available?



u/Ordinary-Ad4642 Nov 27 '22

There won’t be much open except maybe a few Indian restaurants, I would honestly stay in the airport or take a walk around old town - but it will be cold so prepare for the weather accordingly


u/EgorrEgorr Nov 27 '22

December 25 - Christmas day is a very family oriented time for most Polish people. I would not expect any museums or entertainment places to be open, excepts maybe for some restaurants, pubs and maybe clubs.

I guess, the times are changing and more people are having a Christmas diner in a restaurant than in the past, especially in a big city like Warsaw. You should be able to find a restaurant that is open, but they are likely to make reservations far in advance and may have only a special menu for that day. Later in the evening, there should be some pubs and clubs open - expect mostly young people who, after a family diner is over, go party with friends.

In terms of sightseeing, you can always go for a walk in the city centre, if the weather is nice.


u/Tiramisufan Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

Its a bank holiday so don't expect much to be open. Maybe you would like to visit weinachtsmarkt? There will be restaurants open but as a general rule everything is closed until stated otherwise.


u/Scary_Wheel_8054 Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

Did you choose a hotel? You can take a train from the airport to the central station and walk to nowe świat and to the old town. The McDonald’s at the central station will be open and at normal prices (prices at the airport McDonald’s are almost double) Also at least a coffee shop on that walk will be open, maybe zapiecek nowe świat will be open for polish pierogi . You will pass the palace of culture on that walk. I would highly recommend this as a cheap good way to use this limited time . I’m from North America and have been living here 20 years. I would recommend this even if everything was open, let me know if you need more info.

Don’t exchange money at the airport, it’s a ripoff, just use your credit card.

There is nothing around the airport but the train originated from the airport, takes about 25 minutes and will cost you about $2 both ways. Going to the center is easy, finding the trains to go back is harder, do some research.

Taxis are very cheap too, probably $20-30 round trip. But take the train to the center and careful to take a legit taxi back or you’ll pay at least double.


u/dreamville3 Nov 27 '22

Thanks for the info. Yeah choose our hotel at the airport.


u/Ordinary-Ad4642 Nov 27 '22

Zapiecek will not be open