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Guys I am freezing I swear how to fill this thing with water please

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Disagreeing politely in Poland


I heard a joke when I first moved to Warsaw.

'How do you know a Pole loves you? They say the three magic words. Nie. Zgadzam. Sie."

I've noticed Brits and Americans really don't like to disagree directly. We tend towards phrases like "Sorry, but I'm not so sure about that..."

How do people in Poland politely disagree in a way that allows for further discussion? Would you hear something like "Sorry, ale mysle ze, nie zgadzam sie"?

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National parks, landscape parks, and nature reserves in Poland

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Are there always huge traffic jams during the rush hour in Poland?


If I compare the traffic jams during the rush hour in polish cities and some cities in Europe that I have been (e. g. Barcelona in Spain, Hannover in Germany), I have to say that, although e. g. Barcelona is also a huge city (with around 1.6 M residents), the traffic jams during the rush hour was never that bad that I am witnessing in polish streets. What could be the reason for that difference (traffic light system, road network?)?

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Book recommendations


Hi all, I was born in Poland and lived there until age 7 (I’m now 22) and whilst I speak Polish at home and understand 95% of things said to me sometimes I struggle to properly articulate myself and reply properly as my vocabulary is way smaller than in English, and I’m especially noticing this now that I’m back in Poland caring for my grandad, what are some good books you guys recommend to help me learn some new words, I’m currently reading Przewieszenie by R. Mróz so crime related suggestions would be welcome but open to anything

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Looking for a drummer for an industrial death metal band


I've recently released my first record (https://cbf2050.bandcamp.com/) (industrial death metal, inspired by SYL, Fear Factory, Anaal Nathrakh) and I'm looking for a commited drummer. If you're interested hit me up. I live near Cracow, but the distance is not important to me. I'm able to drive to wherever you live if it works out ;)

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Some photos of Wrocław Główny


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Gifts for Japanese


Hello all,

Would like to know some recommendation on Poland exclusive gifts that I can bring to my gf who lives in Japan that I will visit in the end of this month.

She is a sweet tooth and I am loaded with Milka and Lindt stuff to bring, but what else someone there would also enjoy and also be much harder to find/too expensive to buy there?

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University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw


I'lld say everyone stay away from this!! They have no ranking I paid the school and addmision fees 3600+ and they denied receiving any fee.... But my bank says money already got to their account.... My bank demanded they send their statement of account to them but they also refused and every now and then they keep telling me to pay same fees I paid...... Seems scammy 💯

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Polish vodka…:)


Hi there,

I am from Lithuania, and I love Poland—such a great country! I visit Krakow every year, same place, same friends; so many good memories. I also love to visit Suwalki on weekends and buy stuff in Biedronka:)

As for the question about vodka, there are plenty of Polish vodkas. I won't name them all because the list is too long, but I'm interested in what Polish people drink and love. Of course, I'm not talking about Chopin or Belvedere, as we all know them, but they are out of my budget range.

For me, the top Polish vodkas are:

  1. Ostoya
  2. Wybora Ziemniak (potato)
  3. Luksusowa

What do you like and recommend?

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Opt to work on two UoP based jobs


Hi , I saw some posts (related to having two UoP) has already discussed on this group. In my case it is bit different and I just believe I would get a clear clarification. I have flexible work permit hinge on university diploma, and currently I do have UoP based Job, and I got another Offer with is UoP and a pretty similar position. And I come with the idea that I would start in the new company while I would have whole month vacation for my last month (notice period) on the old one.

So my question are, will this be an issue to either of the company? Is there any possibility they would find out?

Thanks in advance

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Matka boska fotowoltaiczna

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Me can into fotografee

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Looking for an English-speaking job in Poland, can anyone help?


I'm a few weeks into my new job and I've learned that sales isn't for me. It's commission-based as well.

Right now I'm looking for a new job -- ideally one that can also sponsor a work permit.

I'm looking for something in customer service or similar. Doesn't need to pay much.

Can anyone help?

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This much we have got in Kraków since friday

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Nice translation, Airbnb...


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Lublin :)

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Had a great day trip yesterday there.

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Drivers License Exchange (British Columbia, Canada - Poland)


Hello r/poland,

Does anyone have experience with exchanging a Canadian Drivers License (in particular British Columbia) to a Polish one?

More exactly, the Starostwo office I’m applying won’t process the exchange unless they have an official explanation of what Class 5 is.

Please advise what your experience in terms of paperwork, etc.

Many thanks!

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Gym etiquettes in Poland


I am from a major city in USA and I am visiting Poland for a month or so. I signed up for local gym in south of Poland in a small city.

Back in USA at gyms there was no interaction between guys as such although a nod is common when two men see each other eye to eye to acknowledge.

In the gym here many guys come up to me to shake hands. Is this a common gym etiquette in Poland? Should I also go and start initiating handshakes when I first enter the gym? Would I be considered rude if I don’t?

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Discounts on Apple products during Christmas


I’m planning to buy apple products, mainly airpods. Is there any Christmas offer that euro rtv, media markt or amazon offer during Christmas period on Apple products?

PS: I know there was discount on airpods on euro rtv during black friday week but the product was available for pickup and wasn’t available in any of the outlets in warsaw

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Polish Sejm has more subscribers than UK Parliament

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Dear Poland: Please lift the border blockade with Ukraine. This is manipulation engineered by russia, they use you like they use everyone


Remember what putin said about Polish lands. They are not your friends. They think your language is funny like they think Ukrainian is funny, and they think your lands belong to them.

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Need student visa consultation


Hello everyone, im planning on studying in poland and I will be applying from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I need an online consultant who will help me build my file and guide me. And I have heard rumors about rejection rate being very high for muslims due to the current situation of Israel Palestine. Im looking forward to all your replies.

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First birthday


I remember I was talking to my mum and she was talking about the polish tradition of the first birthday. Where in front of you was money, glass shot and rosary; but sometimes there was extra stuff like book or a pen. You had to pick two things and that it. I had money, glass shot, rosary, book and scissors to choose. My mum told me that I pick money and a book, but she told me I was more interested in money than anything else.

However, what did you choose and did you or did you not have extra stuff for you to choose?

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Moving from UK to Poland


As the title suggests 😅

I'd like to move from the UK to Warsaw next year. My girlfriend lives there and is Polish.

I've started researching how to go about this. It looks like I can apply for temporary residency if I have a job offer (and can even pay for my own work permit for 100 zł?!).

I'm looking for jobs, I guess my most marketable skill is EFL teaching. But I'd probably be more happy finding a job with a multinational as I'm not passionate about teaching.

I think I'd need to earn 35-50 zł per hour and work a full working week (40 hours) to afford Warsaw.

I'm looking for some general advice, and/or suggestions for possible careers. I don't want this to devolve into a deep analysis of the EFL market, or arguments about the cost of living in Warsaw (it's pretty high, I get it).

Edit: English lit degree, CELTA, 2.5 years of EFL teaching.