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I never thought of it this way

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Slippery slope

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Image Texas K-9 sniffs out $1.7M worth of marijuana, mushroom-laced candy bars

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We wuz KANGZ n sheeeit

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Lot's of work for you in China, Greta!

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Opinion How I want to see England line-up for the Euros. A look to the future, bags if pace and skill. If we need a goal, bring Kane off the bench and electric shock every time he goes towards the halfway line.

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This is called haute couture is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted high-end fashion design that is constructed by hand from start-to-finish.


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New Australian flag proposal - What do you lot think of this? I love it.


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cope harder. Guys I just want to play my vidya games

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Video OKAY…debunk this please. This is Nuts!

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ItsSliker | Just Chatting ItsSliker live again for the first time since the incident

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The guy is dating Sonya Blade from MK


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Discussion Forspoken Hate


I’m sorry, but this is my first ever experience getting to play a woman of color lead in a fantasy type setting and I’m supposed to hate and boycott this game??

So far, I’m actually really enjoying it. And while there are some things that could be improved, I don’t understand the mass amount of hate surrounding this game.

EDIT: I feel like I need to make an edit, because I think a lot of people misunderstood. I meant since there aren’t any games I recall where you can play as a WOC in a fantasy setting, I am going to continue to play regardless of bad reviews.

This is a new experience for me getting to see myself in a game. I didn’t mean to word it as if that’s why gamers as a whole have disliked Forspoken.

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Art Bluey!! Here's my take on the Heeler family :)


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Horror News Horror movie 'Fear' one of first films shot during the pandemic

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Advice Massive IoT Hack: 190 Device Models from 66 Manufacturers Vulnerable to Realtek SDK Exploit!


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Mizkif | Just Chatting mizkif gets IRL stream sniped on the highway


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xQc | Just Chatting Xqc has a very controversial take on being trans


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Meme Am I wrong?

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Pfizer Executive: Mutate’ COVID via Directed Evolution for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines


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Amitié franco-all. / deutsch-frz. Freundschaft I do believe in Franco-German superiority 🍻🍷

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Hurt My Niece? You're Fired!



J- My little cousin

B- The nasty co-worker

Me- OP

L- My aunt, J's mom

K- Mine and J's aunt

Dad- My dad

S- My grandpa's eyes, ears, and voice for the company

T- Mine and J's uncle

G- The company accountant

Background: I (25) work for my father, two aunts, and three uncles. My aunt brings her daughter, J (10), into work after school and on holidays as she can't get a babysitter and my grandparents (Who own the majority of the company) aren't stable enough to take care of J.

Story: Three years ago, my grandfather hired S as a general manager. S hired B from an employment agency to help L in the stockroom. At first, B was quite the employee, easy to get along with, and all in all, a great employee. Everyone, with the exception of Dad, wanted B to stay. My aunts and uncles brushed my dad's concerns off and paid off B's contract. That was the start of the decline.

Over the years, B became more and more unbearable. Her entitlement increased and less and less people wanted anything to do with her. I began to avoid her like the plague myself. B was even starting to but into family business.

Late 2022 came around. I began to ignore her antics. When she realized I wasn't falling to her demands and entitlement, she targeted J. The littlest things J would do (So kids stuff) sent B over the edge. B blamed her OCD for her outbursts. She screams at J for the smallest things.

The downfall began in Sept. 2022. I had offered to give L a break for a night and babysat J. J was excited as she didn't want to go to our grandparents place or go with L out for dinner. J was in L's office to grab a fidget toy and a few items for the night. B saw J and began to scream at her for "Going through company property". I sighed and shook my head when J told me. I told J to ignore her and we went home.

Flash forward to the beginning of January. B came storming into the office cussing and screaming, looking for J, who was in hiding in her fort that she made in Dad's office. I was talking to G about wiring parts when we heard it. G and I shrugged it off and kept talking. Later, I was telling K about what G and I heard when B came into the office and screamed at J. K and I both heard "You F*cking C**T!" and other profanities thrown in J's direction. After B left the office, I ran back to check up on J, who was sobbing. I saw red after she told me what happened. I had my boxing gloves (I was at the gym earlier that morning and went straight to work from there) and was willing to risk jail time to avenge my little cousin. K, Dad, and L all had to stop me, telling me it wasn't worth it.

Yesterday was the day B placed the nail in the coffin. I was out on the shop floor cutting wires when the afternoon break buzzer went. B ran over to me and screamed at me for taking a sign down someone put up that I was given permission by K to take down as it wasn't authorized. I told B to shut up. Dad saw this and wanted answers. Dad can be protective of his siblings, but I think he wanted to go off on B and fire her for screaming at me, who often gets dragged into the drama.

Finally, at quitting time, the hammer was laid down. J was getting ready to go play in the snow by B's bench as she didn't want to get ready in L's office. After the last family member left the stockroom (L was in the main office), B went off on J AGAIN saying that J's triggering her OCD. J said that OCD wasn't an excuse to be a jerk and J mentioned her FASD (J's adopted before you all go saying L's a bad mother). My one co-worker ran to get L, who sent G out to defuse the situation (G is like Ghandi). I was in the main office grabbing my phone from my desk. G brought J in, who was hyperventilating. I saw red. Through tears, J explained what happened.

The revenge: T was seeing red, along with Dad, K, L, and I. T first demanded to know where S was, wanting B fired. When S was nowhere to be found, T took matters into his own hands. He stormed out to the stockroom. In there, he shouted "Pack your shit! You're done!" I have never seen T so mad in my life.

S in currently in the process of firing B officially. I'm sure you're all wondering why this is petty. Well, in my province, this level of harassment could land you in jail for up to 10 years. Let's just say B got off easy on this one.

TDLR; (Sorry, forgot to add this) Employee got fired for being verbally abusive

Edit 1: My family tried to fire her after the incident earlier this month, but S (Who isn't family) didn't want to leave L to do the work herself.

2: This occurred after work hours. B had no excuse to do what she did.