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Reddit Onion Service Launch

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news ACLU Sues CIA, DOJ, and NSA for Records About Warrantless Spying on Americans

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news Millions of passport photos of innocent foreigners in Dutch face database

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discussion Are Microsoft as bad as google with your data? Eg: email scanning etc


Google rightly gets a kicking for its creepy scanning of emails / drives, and it’s location tracking

But is MS doing exactly the same thing when you’re a Microsoft 365 customer?

My natural position is one of distrust but I’ve not found a service by service privacy comparison between them.


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discussion Are there any privacy conscious fitness trackers?


Hi, I'm looking for a fitness tracker that can be used offline and respects privacy. Ideally, I would be able to export the data directly to my PC without connecting to an app or to external servers. It would be even better if I could turn off wifi/GPS at will on the device as well.

The things that are most important to me are, in order:

sleep tracking
spo2 measurements
resting HR
running heart rate
GPS for tracking run lengths

I realize it's unlikely to find something perfect, but do you have any recommendations for brands?

edit: it would be best if the device is just a fitness tracker and not a whole smart watch.

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news Utah Lawmakers Rushing Through Bills To Destroy The Internet… ‘For The Children’

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question What are good uses of a standalone computer ?


Do they have any useful function in cybersecurity ?

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question Alternative to YouTube Vanced for Android?


Is there an alternative to YouTube for Android 12 phones that lets you watch videos without those pesky ads.

PS: I know about YouTube premium, but I don't want to give Google/Alphabet any more revenue from my side.

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question Good antivirus privacy wise for debian ?


Hi Since linux lack any kind of native antivirus i would like if you can recommend me Good non spyware antivirus for debian linux thanks you

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news Turkish hacker group threatens to release sensitive information about Swedish citizens

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question Analytics software


Hello r/privacy! I am a web developer and currently maintained a few websites as we speak.

I always use Google Analytics for all of my websites, but I recently noticed that my event is less then 1k. I know an open source analytics software called Swetrix.

Is Swetrix better then Google Analytics in term of privacy for user and myself and could it collect the required data to know more about my website usage? Like my user geographical data so I know which region is my website popular and etc.

Edit 1: Classification I maintained many websites, but most websites of mine are too small (I previously have a usable website that is publicly available but didn’t managed to grow due to lack of advertising I think), most of my users from all of my other website do not concerned about privacy, most is a place for me to make blog, portfolio, offer some services that I made, so not much users actually concerned about it since all of the user is from a friend club. Mine websites total usage is less then 1k events per month so you could imagine how less people use it.

I planning to merge all of my creative stuff and websites into a single app which is publicly available, and I finding an analytics software that could collect the required information for me to know about mine app usage but still protect user privacy. I am wondering if I should use Google Analytics or Swetrix and does Swetrix respect privacy more while still providing the required info, or both is bad and another software should I use. I know google Analytics is the worst things for privacy but I wanted to find one that could get both of our needs, user get their privacy and I get the info needed to make my website better in a certain geographical zone that actually used it.

Edits 2: I previously couldn’t find any analytics software that could track over 1k events for free so I choose to use Google Analytics. I would like to apologise for my mistakes.

Edits 3: I think Swetrix might be too new so most analytics directory didn’t have it, it is an open source software. You could find it here if you wanted to check it out.

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discussion Wondering About the Future of Privacy Search Engines


A thought has occurred to me concerning the future of privacy search engines. Now that Google and Microsoft have announced that they are going to come out with their AI-enabled search, how are privacy search engines (like DuckDuckGo) going to compete? At first I might think that they will be fine because no one that is interested in privacy would be on them anyway. Up to a point, that's true. However, people are going to become used to what AI provides and IMHO today's search engines will seem archaic. Just wondered what everyone thought of this.

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news Elon Musk Is Running Scared From Mastodon; Cuts Off The Best Tool For Finding Your Twitter Followers There

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discussion Flatpak vs Android app sandboxing for security/privacy


How would you compare Flatpak and Android sandboxing from a privacy/security perspective? Some of the access controls that Android has (files, devices, etc) seem to be able to be replicated with Flatpak on Linux. What is this community's perspective on this, and what deficits does Flatpak have, if any?

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discussion EU police cracked encrypted Exclu messenger to catch criminals. What could this imply for other encrypted messangers?


I am not in the details about it but if they tried to crack the encryption on session or signal to "combat crime" that would be a major disaster for privacy. Toughts? This makes me very worried...

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question Is it possible to identify security token/keys used for different accounts?


I mean in a scenario that for example one would use the same key for 5 Google accounts (to make the situation as bad as possible) or also for a microsoft and an apple one, would they or third parties be able to connect the dots and come to the conclusion that all these accounts belong to the same person? (Leaving all other identifiers out of the calculation for now)

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question Has there been a workaround for watching age restricted videos on YouTube without signing into a Google account?


I'm just trying to watch a video and it wants me to sign in. I no longer use Google and I can't seem to get around this despite using different browers. Any suggestions?

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question Is it possible to prevent windows from reading hardware or device info?


I am deleting everything and starting again with a new windows install so is it possible to prevent windows from reading my hardware or device info like serial numbers or at least spoof it so that windows can't fingerprint my device after a new install?

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news The Kremlin Has Entered Your Telegram Chat

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news TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate confirm data breach affecting 20M customers

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news Hacker Group Releases 128GB Of Data Showing Russia's 'Wide-Ranging' Illegal Surveillance Of Citizens.

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eli5 Privacy concerns resulted in changing business model? (subscription)


So in recent years we seen online platforms & tech companies moving towards the idea of protecting users privacy out of concern of data leak.

Because there are less data collected by companies which run ads e.g google, facebook. sooner these companies will also start moving into subscription basis.

I've seen services which originally free, but moved onto subscription because ads is no longer viable/sustainable for their business model.

My question is that, is the concern itself overblown? personally i don't mind some of my data is used in exchange for providing a free service but i really wouldn't want to pay for every single service that i use, shelling out few hundred dollars monthly (depends on the service, e.g Netflix is fine)

ironically speaking, some individuals who champion privacy movement are still using platforms such as facebook / twitter ? and even gmail?

also, people who generally concerned about privacy are usually first world country residents where $10 subscription won't make a dent on their wallets?

thanks for reading my question, i'm not sure where to post this.

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software What's your goto open source network & bandwidth monitors


I finally found a solution to replace Glasswire (which I loved but found annoying) with open source though it required two solutions:

Portmaster & BitmeterOS together do the trick and are not resource heavy.

It took some research to get there and I wonder if I missed any great alternatives. What open source do you use for network and bandwidth monitoring?

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discussion What are the biggest privacy concerns with upgrading my phone that I should look out for?


I have a blackberry key2 right now. Been using the blackberry smartphones for maybe 5 years now since BB is not a big tech company relatively speaking and I love the physical keyboard. Its pretty clear at this point that there wont be a key3 though and some apps I need are no longer supported due to the phone being stuck on android 8.

I am kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place though because I want to root the device to get stronger privacy protections and additional features but most of the rootable phones on the market are by the larger companies like google and samsung.

Lets say I were to get a google pixel 7. How do I know that even after rooting the phone and flashing a more privacy focused rom of android that google doesnt have some chip on the phone that continues sending telemetry to google? Should that even be a concern of mine or am I right for thinking like that? I need something functional, sadly cant just get away with a flip phone, so what is best practice here?

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question Is Youtube Vanced/Revanced regarded as safe?


i am paying for YT premium but i hate the official YT app, mostly because of the shorts are polluting the client and can't be turned off. someone told me i should install YT ReVanced, but i am a bit reluctant to try it out because idk if it's safe. so i'm asking here.

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question Twitch clipboard access implications?


I've noticed that pasting into Twitch chat is completely broken while using recent versions of Firefox with dom.events.clipboardevents.enabled and clipboard.autocopy set to false. I'm unable to paste even simple text.

Since I'm able to paste text into text boxes in every other website I've used, this leads me to wonder what Twitch is doing differently involving people's clipboards. My first thought is that it has something to do with being able to copy raid messages with emotes included. But I don't see how that would disable simple text pastes. Given the way clipboard contents have been harvested by phone apps, I have to wonder if Twitch is doing something like that.

I don't know enough about browser/clipboard/website accessibility to grasp what is happening here. Any insight would be appreciated.