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Are you tired of seeing victims of abuse & inequality being "diagnosed?" The mental health industry doesn't blame abusers (eg bigots, corporations, or landlords.) They're "diagnosing" the victims.

If you understand that people accused of "mental illness" have very real suffering, but it's not an illness, please join us!


NOTE: This discord is for peer support, not professional services. It's mainly for survivors of abuse by the mental health industry, & even therapists have abused people. Please don't promote services except 1) peer support & 2) environmental help eg (non-violent) safe-housing, socialization, job-finding, etc.


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Fix the problem, not the symptoms

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is autism real?


So apparently autism is a neurotype. And that's like a measurable wiring difference in the brain I assume.

So wouldn't that mean autism is one of the things in the DSM that is a result of biology and not environment?

(I have autism, I don't mind the label so long as ppl don't call it a disorder or try to cure it).

Edit: for clarity im asking if autism is biolgical and like can been seem in a brain scan or something. This is different from depression which is often a response to bad environment.

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Surprise! Drugs were the cause of psych disorders all along. /s


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The research: Antidepressants cause and worsen bi-polar.


Psychiatrists --people selling the drugs-- did a study at Yale University looking at people prescribed antidepressants.

Depending on the type of antidepressant the drugs increased the chance of becoming manic by 2.1-3.9 times. The amount of harm continued to increase with more exposure to the drugs. The number need to harm was 10, meaning for every 10 people taking these drugs 1 person became clinically manic.

The study compared people who had the same diagnoses, illness severity, age, and sex.

The study contained a major pro-drug flaws in that it did not counting people who developed bi-polar and/or mania within 2 months of starting the drugs.


A study done by psychiatrists at Harvard Medical school found that 23% of people who use "antidepressants" experienced new or worsening rapid-cycling.

A pro-drug flaw is that the diagnosis and reports were done by the psychiatrists who had given the drugs to the people.


A review of the historical outcomes of people with mania/bipolar finds:

The recurrences of many patients have become more frequent (in the drug age).
All antidepressants were found to have coincided with the beginning of rapid cyclicity.
The number of episodes during previous periods was .8 per year whereas after the beginning of treatment with antidepressant drugs the number of episodes was 6.5 a year


A review of studies found even more showing these drugs cause and worsen mania/Bi-polar

Some of the studies there are listed bellow:

Himmelhoch et al. study found 100% of bipolar people taking antidepressants became manic from the drugs.

Werhs study found 69% of bi-polar people who took antidepressants became manic from the drugs.

The double Van study found caused 25% people without bi-polar who took the drugs developed bipolar.

Murphey found the drugs resulted in 50% of users developing bipolar.


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My r/antipsychiatry rant. Please excuse my profanity.

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Eyewitness to Psychiatry Functioning as a Conspiracy Theory-Based Cult

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Psychiatric Diagnosing

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“Toward an Anarchist Critique of Psychiatry”

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TRIGGER WARNING: Rape My mom found out that while I was super drunk I was saying things like "I am being ****". She did nothing.


Uncensored: My mom found out that while I was super drunk I was saying things like "I am raped". She did nothing.

What would you do if someone you consider to be your loved one, such as your child or spouse, when, in a drunken stupor, was saying that they were being raped, even though they were not. Yeah, my mom did nothing. Apparently, that's not something that sounds any alarms in her head. No, it's not normal for people to say that they're being raped while drunk.

Information: No, I've never been raped. It's just that I have a very weird relationship with sex and also I feel very restricted in my life.

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Article by Paula Caplan & Jo Watson, 'Why must people pathologise eating problems?'

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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Conducting a study on psychotic symptoms and psychedelics!


Conducting a study on psychotic symptoms and psychedelic drugs. Participants needed to complete a 45 to 60-minute survey!

Minimum age to participate: 18

Have you ever had a psychotic experience and tried a psychedelic?

Some examples of psychotic experiences include…

-Hearing voices that others do not

-Seeing things that others do not

-Having beliefs that others consider odd or strange

-Feeling disconnected to your body

Some examples of psychedelic drugs include…

-LSD or “acid”

-Psilocybin or magic mushrooms

-MDMA or ecstasy



Psychedelic Researchers at the University of Ottawa are interested in understanding how psychedelics affect people with psychosis or symptoms of psychosis. Psychedelic research is showing great promise for medical use for several conditions such as addiction, anxiety, and depression. However, virtually no data has been gathered on how people with psychotic symptoms respond and experience psychedelics since the First Wave of Psychedelic Research that occurred in the 1950s and 60s. It would be greatly appreciated If you could complete the survey and contribute to our further understanding of psychotic symptoms and psychedelics as we navigate new frontiers in psychedelic medicine.


Information about the Study Results: If you wish to receive a summary of the study findings, you may reach out directly to the Principal Investigator Dr. Monica Williams asking so either via email.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Monica Williams, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa (343) 961-1290

Thank you for your time and consideration


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Hello everyone! Thank you for the invite, I can’t believe how common it is to mess us up further beyond depression, here’s some of my videos if you are interested, Bipolar Disorder and Gambling! [Part 1]

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Meaning of so called 'psychosis', an experience that is meaningful to the individual

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Maybe this person should be on meds instead.

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I'm curious what peoples' political alignments are in this place.


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Ah shit….

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Somehow, I think as a society we are more accepting of people who are simply racist, than people who admit insecurities.


Toxic masculinity, what is it? It's a word that gets thrown around and so I shall explain it and how it interacts with racism and white supremacy.

Toxic masculinity is the ideas and beliefs that try to keep an idea or hyperbolized idea of masculinity. Phrases like "boys don't cry" or "real men drink beer" are part of toxic masculinity.

I believe that ultimately when people feel like their masculinity is threatened they will do things, even socially unacceptable things, in order to keep it. Not everyone, of course, but those who believe in an idea of masculinity that does not include femininity.

So how does this relate to racism and white supremacy? Because there's a part of our culture, especially the part that racist and white supremacist cares about that still think of racist and white supremacist as manly, even if they are ultimately terrible.

It's hard to admit that you have insecurities. Racism, bigotry, and white supremacy had to do with insecurities, and fears that you might have.

If I said,

I don't like to go into Chinese restaurants that have native Chinese people

"That would be considered racist but I wouldn't necessarily lose any sense of masculinity, at least not inherently so."

But if I said,

"I don't like to go into Chinese restaurants because when the Chinese people start speaking Chinese to me or they bring me a Chinese menu, I get really insecure about my Chineseness. And then I feel like I'm a failure here as a Chinese person, even though I know that I don't have to live up to these standards, but I feel like I have to and then I feel like some weird national disappointment."

Well, that's hard to do and it feels like you lose a sense of masculinity when you do that. It takes a truly brave person to admit that to themselves, and it takes an even braver person to admit that to society.

Somehow, I think as a society we are more accepting of people who are simply racist, than people who admit insecurities.

We don't really know what to do with people who are insecure. We know what to do with racists. We have courses, for example, about inclusion, but we don't really have courses in the workplace or in society about how to deal with your own insecurities.

We need to change this.

Read more like this...

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Living with damage cause by antipsycothics


I will try to keep this short as possible.

I was prescribed an antipsycothic, risperidone in December 2020. I had a full week of severe anxiety and couldn’t sleep, my doctor concluded that this medication was for the best even though i had no symptoms of a psycothic disorder.

I started the medication, took 1,5mg, total blackout. I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night with my mind completely empty of toughts, my chest and head were pounding. I went back to sleep.

The following morning it was the same, mind completely empty, my personality had evaporated. One of my closest friends called me and asked how i was, he had been calling me every day cuz he knew i was having a hard time and it felt really good. Now however i didn’t feel anything when she called, couldn’t connect with her as a human being. Additionally i had these really strange physical sensations of not being inside my own body, cold and uncomfortable bodily sensations. My neck hurt really bad.

I thought these were just adverse symptoms that would last for max. 1-2 weeks, so i took the med for a few days like prescribed. Eventually i stopped cause it was just getting so bad.

But here i am in 2022, it’s gotten better over time so that i feel like a quarter of my old self. All doctors i’ve consulted have insisted it’s impossible to get permanent advers effects from such a short time taking 1,5mg. But here i am with no existing cure or scentific study about my condition caused by Risperidone…

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Mature, Healthy, Sanity has a whole different worldview to “normal.” Stuff isn’t “stuff:” there *is* a definiteness to morality, but it is always reciprocal. At best, N-mutual. “Universe” isn’t “just there,” we co-create it. Cxntinuously ^Reciprocity: There Is An Uncertainty Between Our Universes.

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Suicide mention Someone died by suicide on my college campus


I received an email from my college saying a death occurred in a very public area of campus, followed by a few links to their mental health services for anyone who was affected.

I understand the family wants privacy--so it makes sense to not say directly what happened in the email.

I felt unsettled by the email, though. It sounds like "Oh you witnessed a suicide? You should advocate for yourself and deal with it by talking to our counselors who might have you committed if you ever spoke about suicide yourself."

I kinda see why it makes sense to give mental health resources because some people obviously were traumatized by it, of course. I guess I wish they would have recommended the DRC's services as well. That some students might need accommodations while navigating this trauma. Anyone who witnessed that or knew that person shouldn't have to turn anything in this week at all. Just seems like they're trying to stay "business as usual."

It sickens me because there are people who drop dead on the job in America and workers are expected to continue. It's not okay there and it's not okay on campus.

I already feel guilty making this tragedy a "think-piece" on here but I feel alone in these thoughts and am trying to connect with people who might understand where I'm coming from.

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Doctors Gave Her Antipsychotics. She Decided to Live With Her Voices.

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Everything actually feels pointless


So, another climate change/global warming report.

Rich are still greedy. The greedy are still greedy. The “philanthropists” are only doing it to stroke their own egos, and change isn’t actually happening.

Racism. Hate killings. People acting out of desperation.


People ignorant of the state of the world. Whether it’s choosing to or just out of comprehension, or they’re privileged enough to ignore it.

Every plastic covering I see, I imagine it in the ocean. Yet, I order from Amazon.

I feel for every activist who resorted to self-immolation

I’m not working right now, so this is contributing to the boredom, melancholy, depression

I’m exercising

New hobbies don’t seem appealing because again — what is the point

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[May 19, 2022] Webinar on Post SSRI Syndrome organized by the European Society of Sexual Medicine


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And then they traumatize you by putting you in a psych ward 😃

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How much of the psychology literature is wrong? (A little old - 2016 - but well worth looking at)

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how old are you?


If you are in the teen age range I am a mod on the sub r/radicalmentalteen and it needs users.

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