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Health As US obesity epidemic grows, new study shows who is gaining weight over the last decade. In roughly 20 years, the prevalence of obesity increased by approximately 40% and severe obesity almost doubled.

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Health 75% of teens aren’t getting recommended daily exercise: New study suggests supportive school environment is linked to higher physical activity levels

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Health New study finds that politicians typically enjoy longer lives than general populations

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Health First-of-its-kind research shows dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke - UC Berkeley Public Health

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Health The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 significantly lowered both the rate *and* the total number of firearm related homicides in the United States during the 10 years it was in effect

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Health Study finds widening gap in death rates between US areas that vote for Democratic rather than Republican party

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Health Almost 90% of autistic women report experiencing sexual violence, according to a new study. The results also revealed that most victims had been assaulted multiple times, that this began when they were young and that they were rarely able to report the abuse or receive care

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Health The Mites That Live and Breed on Your Face Have Anuses, Genome Study Finds | We suddenly know a whole lot more about Demodex skin mites, thanks to a newly sequenced genome.

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Health A new study suggests that adults who share their beds with a partner have less severe insomnia, less fatigue and more sleep time. They also report being more satisfied with their lives and relationships, as well as having lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

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Health Exclusive Breastfeeding in the 3- to 6-month age range has significant positive associations with child development, especially for communication, gross motor, and problem-solving

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Health The Deadly Price of Pandemic Politics: People in Republican Counties Were More Likely To Die from COVID-19, new UMD-led analysis shows

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Health Research results reveal that men who consumed about 430 grams of dairy per day (1 ¾ cups of milk) faced a 25% increased risk of prostate cancer compared to men who consumed only 20.2 grams of dairy per day (1/2 cup of milk per week)

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Health Erectile dysfunction predicts mortality in middle-aged and older men independent of their sex steroid status

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Health 1 million Youth Became Daily Tobacco Users, Most Used JUUL E-cigarettes. Increase in tobacco use among underaged U.S. youth parallels 1990s epidemic

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Health Marijuana Legalization Linked To Reduced Drunk Driving And Safer Roads, Study Suggests

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Health California’s ‘red flag’ law utilized for 58 threatened mass shootings. Researchers found among the individuals who had firearms temporarily removed with a restraining order, almost 30% had an assault-type weapon such as an AR or AK-style rifle.

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Health Fasting induces a highly resilient deep quiescent state in muscle stem cells via ketone body signaling

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Health Cannabis Consumers Less Likely to Be Diagnosed with Liver Cancer

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Health Springing people from the poverty trap. Research suggests poverty is not principally the product of people’s capabilities or attitudes. Rather, the very poor are usually mired in a poverty trap, in which an initial lack of resources prevents them from improving their circumstances

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Health People battling with their weight who are unable to do aerobic exercise can hit the gym instead and still see positive results. Study has found resistance training can also have positive results – in conjunction with reducing calorie intake.

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Health Scientists have identified a protein in sensory nerves that works as a key detector of itch—specifically the “mechanical” itch stimulus of crawling insects, wool fibers, or other irritating objects that touch the skin. It could lead to better treatments for itch conditions such as eczema, psoriasis

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Health Cannabis vaping is increasing as the most popular method of cannabis delivery among all adolescents in the U.S., study shows

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Health Stress accelerates aging of immune system, study finds. Traumatic events, job strain, everyday stressors and discrimination accelerate aging of the immune system, potentially increasing a person’s risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and illness from infections such as COVID-19

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Health A world-first study shows a direct link between dementia and a lack of vitamin D, since low levels of it were associated with lower brain volumes, increased risk of dementia and stroke. In some populations, 17% of dementia cases might be prevented by increasing everyone to normal levels of vitamin D

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Health Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air.

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