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Chili today, hot tamale (due to me not being able to think of a good title)


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u/ShrimpBisque Jul 01 '22

I've lived in New Mexico almost my whole life, and my mom taught me you ALWAYS respect the tamale lady, and buy from her if you can, because those'll be some of the best tamales you can get.


u/spylican Jul 01 '22

I can get onboard with this.


u/southsamurai Jul 01 '22

Our neighborhood has jerk lady.

She's not a jerk, she's cool as hell. Really nice lady. Moved to the area from new York maybe ten years ago since she had family here. They're all from jamaica originally.

She decided she wanted some side money on top of social security. Started doing jerk chicken and selling to the area. At first, she'd come knocking on the morning and ask if anybody wanted some for dinner. But her knees aren't what they used to be, so she sends her niece out instead now. But when the weather is warm, she sometimes delivers to the houses closest to her.

She comes up, knocks on the door and yells out "jerk, jerk for you" really loud and then goes to the next house. She used to wait, before COVID, and hand it off directly.


u/CatzMeow27 Jul 01 '22

We have a West Indian lady like that in my community. Best damn food you could ever ask for. And now I’m craving doubles with tamarind sauce…


u/broken-not-bent Jul 01 '22

Holy shit! That would be amazing. I love good food.


u/southsamurai Jul 01 '22

her jerk is freaking amazing. You have to really enjoy spicy food, but there's so much depth of flavor there. And, since she's only two houses down, it's always hot and juicy.

I dunno if you've ever had jerk anything, but it's something I'd recommend anyone try at least once, even if you don't like things spicy. The flavor is just so unique and deep that it's worth the burn.


u/broken-not-bent Jul 01 '22

I love jerk seasoning. The kitchen staff at one of the bases I was at was mostly Jamaican and I was friends with some of them. They’d make real Jamaican food for us sometimes.


u/StevenTheFancyVance Jul 01 '22

That is a very good sign


u/ihadanotheranswer Jul 01 '22

Is this in Austin tx? I love tamale lady!


u/herbidyderbidydoo Jul 01 '22

Tamal Lady always welcome.


u/ignis_flatus Jul 01 '22

What is the opposite subreddit to r/fuckyouinparticular? If there isn’t one I propose the creation of r/tamalelady.


u/thicclunchghost Jul 01 '22

So you don't want solicitation?

No, solicitation!


u/thebluewitch Jul 01 '22

I wish someone would bring me tamales.


u/IcySheep Jul 02 '22

I still think about the tamale/flan lady we had when we lived in Portland. Fuck yea you buy from her whenever she decides to make the rounds


u/UV5TZ39015 Jul 02 '22

Only met tamale lady once, I had no cash on me.