r/todayilearned May 24 '22

TIL that in 1830, the Conic Sections Rebellion, Yale students protested having to draw diagrams on their final exams.



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u/RushinAsshat May 26 '22

A grand sense of 'Entitlement' did not begin in 2020


u/GossipIsLove May 26 '22

Always been there and enabled by authorities


u/Gemmabeta May 24 '22

That's weak sauce, the students at University of Virginia killed a prof over exams and now the faculty is formally barred from handing out punishment to students.

They make students to hold a literal criminal court and get them to do it instead.


u/RedstripeRhapsodyHP May 25 '22

The University of Cambridge only exists because three scholars were hanged at Oxford.


u/RustlessPotato May 25 '22

Students in Gent hijacked a historical building because the price of beer increased


u/VergeThySinus May 24 '22

A democratic judgement by peers seems better fitting than giving professors free reign with the potential to abuse their power.


u/Gemmabeta May 24 '22

The students at UVa just voted 2 months ago to considerably neuter the Honor Court System because it turned out to be pretty darn racist.


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It always sounded problematic. Also how killing professor was taken so easily by authorities.


u/kempff May 25 '22

On the contrary "democratic judgment by peers" sounds like opening the door to mob rule. I wouldn't want to entrust my fate to people who overload their dorm room outlets with octoplugs and can't follow the instructions printed inside the lid of a washing machine.


u/IBeTrippin May 24 '22

Sounds like somebody didn't study for their Conics final.


u/xtossitallawayx May 24 '22

The students were mad the school changed their policy on allowing students to bring notes into the exam.

The students were told to write out any reference diagrams or notes on their test.


u/Gemmabeta May 24 '22

Today, the phrase "take home exam, open book, you are free to work together, you have a week," is the most assclenching thing a professor can say in a higher level class.


u/RedSonGamble May 24 '22

Makes sense. My pastor says drawing diagrams (especially venn diagrams) is the devils work. Also doodling and those zen sand things with the rakes.


u/yParticle May 24 '22

Yeah, I just hated having to do our design final in Comic Sans.


u/LastBlownBird May 25 '22

U and the horse U rode in on


u/Barcata May 25 '22

This is hyperbolic.