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TIL there are 21 sovereign states that do not have an official army



u/Vinzolero Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

However, many of these countries – such as the Cook Islands or the Faroe Islands – are not sovereign states.

The title is correct


u/bobcat7781 Jun 28 '22

And at the end of the article, they list "the 21 independent sovereign states" that don't have "a standing army or regularly military force."

The title appears to be correct.


u/Boooyaaahhhh Jun 29 '22

Don’t tell Putin.


u/Fast_Polaris22 Jun 30 '22

Fun fact: Costa Rica is one. They chose to put all those funds into public education.


u/Nik_tortor Jun 30 '22

When I was in Afghanistan I saw multiple guys in camo with weapons wearing icelandic flags on their shoulders walking around BAF and KAF and when I asked someone why they were here if they didn't have a military, I was told that they were required by NATO to represent their nation in Afghanistan. I asked who they were, if not Military and they said they were an icelandic crisis response team that was basically the equivalent of a military without calling it that for political reasons.


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

Don't let Russia see this list


u/Djidji5739291 Jun 29 '22

The U.S admits to having forces on the ground in 134 countries around the world.

If any of these countries had any resources or geopolitical value they would‘ve already been „helped“ to achieve democracy. However the original definition of democracy is that people have a say in politics, that‘s excluding children, women, actually only the armed part of society has the right to vote. Last time they changed probably the most important part of the constitution in my democratic country that‘s occupied, uh I mean being helped by the U.S army, nobody had a chance to vote though. So neither the original definition applies, nor is it real. Yeah you might find that in reality not a single regime change orchestrated by the U.S had anything to do with democracy, and you might find there have been several dozens.


u/dragontailwhiplash Jun 29 '22

Superpowers suck


u/Moralocalypse Jul 01 '22

Where do Andorra, Costa Rica, Dominica, Grenada, Iceland, Kiribati, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Micronesia, Monaco, Nauru, Palau, Panama, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Solomon Islands, Tuvala, and Vanuatu keep their armies?

In their sleevsies.