r/todayilearned Jun 28 '22

TIL The first military plane ever was used in 1909 and had 40 hp.



u/nnaughtydogg Jun 28 '22 hehehehe

Damn how much xp did they need before they were able to raise their hp?


u/Vinzolero Jun 28 '22

None, they didn't play a shitty overpriced game like me and you


u/NumberOneCombosFan Jun 28 '22

You try buying your 8 sons a hoop and stick set on a single Chimney sweeps salary only to have it fall apart less than a week later, then talk to me about shitty overpriced games.


u/SpaceCowboy58 Jun 28 '22

A tuppence for a ball-in-a-cup!? That's more than I make in a fortnight!


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

Read this as hit points


u/MonkeysOnMyBottom Jun 28 '22

It could be killed with a single sneak attack if the rogue rolled well


u/vldhsng Jun 29 '22

Although if you go by the original definition and read it as the number of 12 inch shells it can take before going down, that’s actually insanely good for a plane


u/EwwThatsHot Jun 28 '22

you usually want to level up vitality, but not putting points into vitality worked because they teched into flight which provides high dodge % against bullets.


u/Ten_Quilts_Deep Jun 28 '22

As a note my grandfather who was in the Calvary when Pancho Villa attacked New Mexico tells another tale of early air defense. When the attacks near Columbia were happening a nearby rancher was so fed up with Villa stealing his cattle, he asked the Army stationed there is he could help. He had his own airplane for keeping track of his free range herd. So first the Army used him for reconnaissance, to see what Villa was up to. Then the Army sent along a soldier with sticks of dynamite which they dropped on Villa's camp. They also swooped down to scare the horses into running off.


u/Galdae Jun 28 '22

How'd they get the horses in the air?


u/raddrobb67 Jun 28 '22

With power


u/Vinzolero Jun 28 '22

It didn't have any weapons tho


u/lordyeti Jun 28 '22

One large rock they could drop on an unsuspecting target. Later models moved to strapping anvils on the bottoms, where they could cut the rope to drop them. This was the original of all the falling anvil in Looney tunes.


u/RemotelyRemembered Jun 28 '22

If you get hit by one of those anvils.. th-th-that's all folks!


u/Vinzolero Jun 28 '22

Oh now it makes sense


u/Yo-mamas-daddy Jun 28 '22

My lawnmower has 22hp.


u/LightSwarm Jun 28 '22

How do you know you’re a redditor? If you read this as hit points/health points instead of horse power.


u/anonym05frog Jul 05 '22

HP is horsepower. I know what you are thinking


u/Kordell81 Jun 28 '22

So it’s good for taking 1 dragon rage?