r/todayilearned Jun 28 '22

TIL there is a place in Alberta Canada called Bad Heart, which used to be called Wicked River (R.6d) Too General


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u/KeefTheWizard Jun 28 '22

Next you'll tell me you've never heard of Moose Jaw or Dildo or any of the other Canadian place- names.

Another TIL that everyone needs to hear about is that Alberta is Rat Free. Look it up.


u/Pandagames Jun 29 '22

First time I watched Saskatchewan news and they talked about Regina I thought I had a stroke


u/bestbeforeMar91 Jun 29 '22

“Rats won’t even live here” isn’t the best tourism ad


u/KeefTheWizard Jun 29 '22

No, I think you misunderstand.

There haven't been rats breeding in Alberta in over seventy years because of a MASSIVE program of eradication. The Prairies was all about wheat production before the oil sands, and rats threaten the farmers supply.

They're one of the few places in North America that is truly 'rat free'.


u/ReaganShotFirst Jun 29 '22

Also Moose Jaw once hosted the largest Klan gathering in Canadian history back in 1920s


u/KeefTheWizard Jun 29 '22

Ew that's gross, but I'm not exactly shocked pikachu

Bloody 'Orange Lodge' folk been messing around there since Louis Riel's wars


u/bolanrox Jun 29 '22

Is that where the wicked garden is?